Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I immediately thought of the downtown area of Augusta - there are so many beautiful buildings there but in between them are these sad, decaying buildings and houses. I could spend all day photographing downtown - but I only had about five minutes. I got a few good ones, here is one of my favorites (I'll post more in a separate post later this week)

Groups of Three
set of three
When I was looking to take a photo for this I suddenly started seeing groups of three everywhere - but I finally settled on taking a photo of my three girls - I don't photograph all three of them together very often. This afternoon I remembered why. Getting all three of them to have a good expression at the same time was really challenging, especially since they too turns not cooperating. I didn't have time to clone together one good shot so here's one of them holding hands. Check out some of the outtakes here.

Here's my little monkey in the kitchen.

Things that make you go hmmmmm
Captain Crunch
I could have a whole series of photos of things that make me go hmmm. One of the things that makes me go hmmm is Captain Crunch. I don't get why anybody likes this cereal, it destroys the inside of my mouth - but the hubs and kiddos love it.

ME Time
"me time"
Me Time? What's that?  My favorite thing to do is light a candle and take a bath. Here's one of my favorite candles with my favorite quilts.

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