Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photographing your children in indoor light

I've been working on tutorials for my upcoming class Simply Bliss: Basics of Childhood Photography  and I was thinking about all of the different light I've been photographing my children in. We've lived in lots of different places - some were better for photography than others. No matter what type of camera you are using if you pay attention to the light in your home and take advantage of spots in your home with pretty light you can get great photos! Unless noted otherwise most of these photos were taken with a point-and-shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite shots through the years:
Summer 2002
Beth as a baby - taken using a film SLR camera

Summer 2002Summer 2002
Beth & the hubs in our little apartment, there were some window that occasionally let in some pretty light.

Juice Girl
This is from when we lived in Montana - we had a nice window that got good light in the morning.

Summer 2003
Baby Emma, this was from when we were living with my parents. The light in our bedroom was just beautiful.

A favorite photo of our not-yet-two year old Beth

Here is Emma, we were living in a little duplex when I took this photo. We had one nice window for taking photos. This is one of my favorite photos from when we lived there.

Emma: September 2006
When we moved to our little house out in the country it was dark and generally not ideal for taking photos. My favorite place for taking photos was by the door - whenever it was open I could get some beautiful light.

Beth Summer 06
Another photo of Beth from that house. She was playing dress-up!

Summer 06
Katie-Abigail, crawling out the door!!

Emma - April 07
Here is Emma - my cutie-pie! We moved to a house with brighter light but I still liked to shoot by the door. I could get some cute shots of my kids pretty blue eyes there.

my little model for today
Here is a shot of Beth, taken near the door.

Josiah 1 week 9-26-07
Baby Josiah - taken near a window on my bed.

Katie Abigail
Katie-Abigail has the most beautiful eyes! This is the first shot so far that's taken with an SLR taken right by the door.

Emma all dressed up
Another favorite place to photograph was by my bathroom window.

Here's a shot of Emma taken near a window.

Here is a photo of Beth taken at our current home in the dining room. There is a nice bank of windows there that is almost always great for taking photos!

Josiah - also taken in the Dining Room - great window light there!

A photo of Beth taken from late summer by the door. There is often some pretty light there!

No matter where you live there is bound to be a spot or two with beautiful light! Once you learn to take advantage of it your photography will improve tremendously!

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