Friday, March 18, 2011

I am such a preggo mama

(a post without pictures)

I woke up this morning craving ice cream for breakfast. 
It didn't help that I fixed toast with nutella for the kids
It smelled amazing
But toast aggravates my food allergies
and I didn't feel like  being itchy for the rest of the day
So I tweeted 
that I was craving ice cream for breakfast
and had a nice little chat with my BFFs online about it.
then I ate a bowl of granola 

This afternoon I drove past the Mexican restaurant and now
I'm craving queso cheese dip and margaritas for lunch
Mmmmmmm... A nice big bowl of white cheezy goodness and a cold fruity drink 
With a couple girlfriends 
(or a few of my favorite tweeps)
Now that would be a good time!
I'll probably end up having an avocado salad - just thought you'd like to know.

and maybe tonight I'll call the hubs and ask him to pick up a
our favorite way to fix it is
Italian sausage
green peppers
lots of cheese
and I think I'll take my half with bacon.

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