Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I noticed that one of the themes for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday is to do a diptych and I thought that maybe everyone might not know what that is.

So here is what says a diptych is: A diptych is a photograph that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single artistic statement. The two images can literally be in contact with each other, or separated by a border or frame.

Here are some examples of diptyichs:

A diptych may be blurry and then in focus
1 22 11 copy2

Here is another example of blurry/focus that I love!

Another way to do a diptych is to have one shot further back and then a close up...

or maybe it tells a story...
i walked for miles till i found you (FP explored)

or maybe the one explains the other...

sometimes they have a similar feeling or they communicate something together...

sometimes they share a similar mood or tone...
att blunda och se allting

you can also do your diptych this way...
but then there are others that have nothing to do with each other.
C'est La Vie all. 

So I hope that this is inspiring to you and gives you a better idea of what to create for this weekend :)

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