Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday - just another ordinary day


Over the weekend we ate out at McAlister's Deli (where you can get the best spud and sweet tea) and while we were near the mall we bought a pair of Crocs for the Little Man. So cute! Rather pricey though. The hubs wanted to buy crocs for all the kids and I said " I can get flip flops at Old Navy 2 for five bucks. Let's not." 

In other news - this weekend was my first day in Maternity Jeans! yay!!


  1. Very cute! And I missed that u were expecting again! Congrats!!

  2. Hooray for Maternity Jeans :) That was always a welcomed leap for me!

  3. I practially worship my cotton-candy-pink pair of Crocs - they're so practical, not to mention uber-comfy. :)

    xx, V

  4. What cute little crocs. Yes, I can't imagine buying them for all the kids, though I think they are safer than flip flops, for sure. That's the RN in me, talking!

  5. They are cute! We tend to go with the "generic" crocs around here. Considering their shoes get left outside in all kinds of weather, worn in mud, snow, or whatever, and worn in the creeks when looking for crayfish. Oh, and chewed on by the dog. That way I don't feel so back about throwing them away when they've completely fallen apart. :)

  6. haha... "let's not"! They're so cute.

  7. those are such cute shoes! don't you just love maternity jeans ;) I bet you make an adorable preggo :)

  8. Those are so so cute... like little runners... ha!

    I love your Sock Monkey project!! I have a good friend in Canada whose son was born with DS.. he has a special place in my heart!! Both our boys were born on the same day... both with medical issues... medical journey's change your life... but the children are so precious ... anyway.. just wanted to say I love what you are up to with the Monkey!! =)


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