Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Just in time for Valentines Day I just discovered a tutorial for crocheting these cute little hearts.

I can't wait for the pattern to this little beauty to be available!
I will definitely be purchasing one of her patterns for crocheting little beanie hats soon to practice for the new baby. I've only made afghans and scarves and can't wait to try something new. I'm sure I'll be calling my mom (who is an amazing crafter/seamstress)on a near-daily basis once I give this a try.

I am seriously loving this Maternity Top from Old
 (P.S. Maternity Tanks are on sale at ON online for just $6!)
I've recently discovered Haiku poetry and am fascinated by it's simplicity, plus it's just the right length for me these days! Every Haiku poem is just three lines long - I think it's brilliant. I'm thinking about buying this book of Haiku poems for the new baby.

Speaking of things for the new baby - this is the CD I'll be listening to when the new baby comes. It's one of my favorite lullaby albums ever. I also really like Blue on Blue - most of the songs were inspired by her newborn son!

Happy Friday!! :)

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  1. The Plumb album is AWESOME!!! I love, love, love it.

  2. The hat is adorable. Good luck making one! I tried to learn to crochet for about 10 minutes when I was younger and gave up. My mom blamed it on me being left handed.

  3. I love the hat! I can't wait seeing your version of it. Great list of favorite things!

  4. To Left-handed Deb ....
    I am a "lefty" also and it is possible to crochet left-handed, but it looks "backward" to a right handed crocheter!

    Faith's Mom

  5. The little flower looks similar to ones I have done in the past. I'll be interested to see it the directions are the same!

    and... is the photo of the hearts your work???
    very cute!

  6. Those crochet projects are so cute!
    For those who work better with two sticks than one (hee hee) you can make adorable knitted mini-hearts too.
    (mini stuffed hearts)
    Flat knitted heart with an eyelet edge, perfect for threading a scrap of ribbon or lace if you wish.

    I have no excuse for not knowing how to crochet. I'm left handed, my mom is left handed and showed me how, my only reason is lack of interest.

    I'm happy playing with my 2 sticks and string for now. If that changes, I figure I'll grab a crochet hook and see what happens. What's the worst that can happen? A piece of string with some knots in it, and I go back to my 2 pointy sticks.

  7. Thanks so much for linking to the crocheted hearts...I have been wanting to make some but hadn't found any that I could do with my skill level. Love both and going to try them tonight.


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