Friday, February 18, 2011

Camera Phone Pics

These are from last weekend and our trip to the Savannah Rapids:

the hubs taking a photo of little man on his camera phone

she is so freaking photogenic

I like this one. I just do

Here are some photos from yesterday:

Chalk Drawing with Jojo. We traced his body - he thought it was awesome.

So we drew lots of Josiahs and our house and some baloons.

I enjoyed drawing this one. It's very unoriginal -  I got the idea from another blogger. She did it way better than I did - but I had fun :)

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  1. GASP!! Somehow I was not one of your followers-of course I quickly fixed this issue!

    It looks like you all enjoyed yourselves!!! It is so nice to have family time-isn't it?!!!


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