Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 project: week 7

week 7
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You can read my tutorial on how I create my 365 collage in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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This week of 365s was pretty challenging. I was taking photos for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday just about every day so there is a little bit of overlap.

Saturday POTD
42/365 Saturday - a typical weekend morning. Sitting at the table, reading blogs and checking Twitter & Facebook, drinking coffee or tea. It's nice to just sit and not have to hurry to get ready.

butterscotch chips
43/365 Sunday - the kids were sick so I was home just about all day. It was a looong boring day. I took this photo for Project 64: Out of the Box. The color was Apricot and I know that this is not exactly Apricot but it is as close as I could find.

POTD: Monday - a beautiful spring morning
44/365 Monday - a beautiful morning. The weather turned warm and the sun was shining. I took this shot on my way out the door because the light was just too beautiful to not take a photo. I love these little spring weeds. I picked them all of the time as a little girl and then with my girls when they were smaller. They still make me smile - they are like the first little announcers that spring is on it's way.

One last hug from Henry
45/365 Tuesday: we said goodbye to Henry and sent him on his way to Ashley

46/365 Wednesday - Music on my window sill. I love to listen to music while I'm cooking or washing dishes. It drowns out some of the chaos in the rest of the house and makes me feel like I'm in my own little bubble for a few precious moments. Yes, I still listen to CDs (how 90s of me!) I download music sometimes but I love the liner notes and the artwork of a CD. Taken for SHS

47/365 Thursday - Mocca Latte - such a bad idea. I was awake all night and terribly bitchy.

48/365 Friday - My new found-love for Twitter! I always check my twitter feed while I'm waiting in carpool, though this last week I've connected with some of my favorite bloggers on twitter and it's been SO much fun! I added my handle to the sidebar if you'd like to be friends on Twitter ;)

If you missed it don't forget to check out my upcoming photography classes and this week's photography challenge is Colorful.


  1. Great photos! Mmmmm, I could use a Starbucks Frappa right now but it's too cold here! Happy Saturday! x

  2. The photos with Henry are so sweet!

  3. Love your photos! I wanted so badly to get going on this, and well, haven't taken a picture in days. But I can at least enjoy yours!

  4. Love your photos this week! Your photo of the springtime "weeds" is just gorgeous!

  5. The cd's kill me. :D I still listen to them, too. And the radio. O.o

    The flower shot is gorgeous!! And the Henry shots are adorable. :)

  6. Mmh - I love your 365 collages.

  7. Wonderful photos. Love the hugs for Henry and the flower shot. So gorgeous. Thanks for linking up!

  8. awww, I see my name on your twitter feed :)

    your son, sooo so cute! I want one of those monkeys now.

  9. Your week's shots are AWESOME! I love the flower one with the perfect morning light shining in. :D

  10. I love your self-portrait, hugs for henry shot and the MOCHA LATTE!

    Really cool shots week after week. Are you planning on putting together a photo book at the end of the year?

  11. What a wonderful set of photos!

  12. Everyone talks so highly of twitter... I signed up... but just not ready to enter that world yet! ha ha!! Love the stacked music shot... curious about the Owl City... what kind of music is it?? =)

  13. Your shots are always so good! I want a Starbucks now! And hugs for Henry are so cute!


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