Monday, January 10, 2011

What the heck? Part 2

I was simply blown away by all of your comments on my funky weather report post so I could not fail to post a little update...

Apparently bouncy balls falling from the sky is weatherman forecasting code for "you're screwed" because everyone rushed out to the grocery stores en masse to stock up on bread and milk and whatever else it is that people buy when they are expecting bad weather.
For example, I also bought popcorn. It seemed like the right thing to get with the threat of a storm and possible school cancellations.  And then we waited for our first big winter storm of '11 to hit... and checked the school's website for delay/cancellation updates.

It started SNOWING last night and we woke up to exactly two inches of snowfall. (I know because I said "that looks like more than two inches" to my husband this morning, so to prove me wrong we went outside and measured the snow on our back porch - exactly two inches) and so school was canceled for the day and all of the hubs appointments called to re-schedule.

I thought about you, my blogger friends, who have posted pictures of way more than two inches of snow since December first! We go crazy over two inches of snow!! But in all fairness that is because none of us own snow shovels or any proper equipment for dealing with any amount of snow and the sand trucks stay pretty much only on the big roads and then everything melts and then turn to ice and that, my friends, is truly scary. We wrecked our van twice last year during the big ice storm of February 2010. I slid on a huge piece of ice and hit a tree and then the next day our neighbor slid right into our van. So yeah - I get a little anxious when the world goes white here in GA and I am happy to have my kiddos all snug as a bug at home here with me, blissfully making muffins and home made bread from scratch (in my bread machine) and staying off of the roads.

So today I'm looking out at our winter wonderland in Augusta - and snow on palm trees really does look as ridiculous as it sounds.

I got these shots of the snow from inside my nice warm house by using my 55-200mm lens. I forgot how much I love that lens! It zooms beautifully and the focus is very fast and super-responsive. I don't use it much, but I'm so glad that I have it.


  1. Ahh...snow, so pretty to watch falling, but I'm starting to wonder if it's spring yet! ;)

  2. Love the footprints picture! I have family and friends in Atlanta and have been watching their updates of FB today-- Enjoy your snow!

  3. There are so many days that I wish 2 inches of snow would cancel school up here so I wouldn't have to go to work when its icky out! But it takes much more than that with lots of wind up here to cancel school, but we're supposed to get lots of snow in winter and GA is not! So it must have been lots of fun to get some snow and have the day with the kids and your husband.

  4. I agree that snow in Ga. is scary because no-one has the right equipment to deal with it. :)

  5. I want to see snow on plam trees. Hope the kids have a fun day at home.


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