Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3 project 365

week 3

Day 15: Abstract/a different perspective
Day 16: Out of the Box: Pink
Day 17: Chocolate Peanut Butter Half Sandwich
Day 18: Orange
Day 19: Mulch
Day 20: Popcorn
Day 21: my Beth and her freckles

The template is from The CoffeeShop and the font is called CK Becky

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  1. Great photos this week; as always!

  2. Lovely collage. The colors work together beautifully. You sure can make a pb sandwich look delicious! And now I have yet another subject I want to try - popcorn. I always enjoy visiting your blog!

  3. Love the orange shot, and the peanut butter sandwich.

  4. So so lovely! I am loving those freckles! Xo

  5. Yumm! Chocolate peanut butter! The orange is great too! Love your week of photos!

  6. great photos once again. i will have to find that chocolate peanut butter for my kids. they would love something like that as a treat.

  7. Grate photos, I realy like day 19.

  8. Faith - these are all amazing! The orange is fantastic and looks delish :D

  9. Love the collage. All great!! I think my favorite is the orange but hard to choose!

  10. Really lovin the template for your project 365. Great idea!!

  11. Faith, I LOVE these! What a wonderful variety & great inspiration. And I always love a good collage! :-) Thank you so much for stopping was great to hear from you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)

  12. Gorgeous photos! Love the grapefruit! xx


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