Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 of Project 365

week 2 copy

This has been an up and down week for my project 365. Some days it was hard to find the right time to take my photo of the day. I LOVE the one in the upper right hand corner of my daughter and her dolls. Can't wait to see all of your 365 project photos! Your photos have been so inspiring.

1. for last Sunday's "Out of the Box" project link-up
2. Snow day
3. My girl and her dolls
4. One of those days
5. For the tooth fairy
6. Cookie dough
7. Melting snow

The template is from The CoffeeShop and the font is called CK Becky

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  1. Dear Faith,
    How in the world do you make these adorable collages? Would love to know....great photos!! I am so excited about the feb. class!!!!eeeeeee!!

  2. Totally agree with finding time, great photos, I think the one of your girl playing with her dolls is my fave.

  3. Love those pictures! What font is that and where did you get it? I REALLY like it! So pretty! :)

  4. I feel ya on the Up and Down thing. thats how I have been too. I love that snow shot!

  5. I love this little collage. Great photos! xo

  6. Okay, so that cookie dough just makes me want to go buy some right now!!! Oh my goodness. Yum-O! Number 5 made me smile. So precious. Thanks for stopping by! I am now a new follower!


  7. Great photos! They are all so creative. :)

  8. Beautiful captures for this week! Nicely done. :)

  9. Hi Faith loved your pictures. Thanks for stopping by and linking up! I look forward to seeing more pictures. Hugs

  10. Love these shots! My favs are the melting snow and your daughter with her dolls.

  11. Love your girly with her dolls... awwww.

    And the melting snow shot is really cool! :)

  12. Great shots! I love the processing on the cheerios.

    And, I agree...the collage is fantastic, as is the font!

  13. Great photos! I love the cherrio's one, we have those kind of days all of the time.


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