Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surviving the first 11 weeks

11 weeks

I think I have finally gotten out of my first trimester. Yesterday was a good day - the first day I didn't feel nauseous! Whoot! Whoot! And this whole week I've been feeling a bit better.

So how did I get through my first trimester? I have a few tips I thought I'd share:

Eat well. You may not feel much like eating but a bit of yogurt or a PB&J can go a long way. My mom's theory about morning sickness is that it is linked to to blood sugar and with this pregnancy I can say that that has definitely been true. Late mornings would be difficult until I ate a little snack, even just a fruit smoothie drink would help a lot. Then one night we had pancakes and I felt so sick afterwards. I tried to pick foods that would not give me a sugar high and then drop - yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, avocado, whole grain oatmeal, and whole wheat bread. These are all good choices. Salads and soups make me feel good. Not eating or eating sweets makes me feel terrible. I also have had a little bit of constipation already - something I've experienced with all of my pregnancies at some point or another. Choosing foods like fruit, veggies and whole grains are really good for helping that. Remember that when you are pregnant you need more protein. 

01 04 11

Drink lots of water.  Maybe you have noticed how you have to pee more, now that you are pregnant? When you are pregnant your body needs a lot of water. My older sister likes to call it "refilling the swimming pool" and that means staying well hydrated. Soda and coffee doesn't count, juice is better than nothing but water is really what you need and you'll feel better for it. Early in all of my pregnancies I've had pretty frequent headaches. Drinking more water helps with that. If you get headaches too - remember to avoid Ibuprofen and other NSAID pain relievers while you are pregnant - especially in your third trimester.

Take a nap. This was my life saver. I could not get through a day without taking a nap, even just closing my eyes for twenty minutes or so was super-helpful. I have been able to cut back on napping this week and think I'll be able to take just one or two naps a week in my second trimester. 


Get active. This is the hardest part for me - since I'm usually feeling tired and would much rather sit and blog or take a nap than go out and move around but taking the time to play actively with my kids, take a walk or just going to the park - these all made me feel a lot better. Getting active for a half hour or so really helped to boost my overall energy.

Have a positive attitude. It is hard when you are uncomfortable all day long  day after day to stay positive but on those days when I just want to get in bed and wake up nine months later I remind myself about why I am feeling so puky and tired - there is a sweet baby growing inside of me. Or when my hormones are raging and it is hard to stay in control (or I am apologizing for loosing my temper again) and I feel overwhelmed and tempted to feel a little hopeless - I remind myself that life hasn't changed. It's still sweet, my kids are still good kids - that sometimes drive me crazy -  It's my body that has changed and made it harder to cope and harder to respond the way that I want to. I need to treat myself gently and be extra careful not to put myself (and my kids) into situations that are destined for meltdown. I take a moment to think about those ten sweet little fingers and kissable little toes, I think about that sweet little baby coming into my life and I remind myself of how much I will love our new one - how much I already love him or her. It keeps me going.

Josiah 10-2

I hope that these tips help, and I would LOVE to hear your first trimester survival tips!


  1. Faith,

    Thank you for leaving such great comments on my blog.

    The key to my surviving my most recent 1st trimester with 3 other kids was delegating! My 7 year old got to take on new responsibilities (and she was aptly rewarded for them) and the other kids liked to mimic her being a "big girl." The even bigger plus was that the new chores stuck and now that I have an infant I still don't have to put the kids' laundry away or sweep the kitchen floor.

    I hope the nausea stays away,

  2. I have had horrible first trimesters. I could not even function when I was pregnant with my daughter and ended up on a constant pump of Reglan to try and stop me from throwing up all of the time. It didn't really work =( . I think your tips are great though! Low blood sugar makes that yucky feeling so much worse. And get rest, lots of rest.

  3. I'm so glad you are healthy and happy at eleven weeks! Good job!

  4. Yay! First trimester over. Love the belly shot..heck I love all those photos. Thankfully, I never suffered much nausea with any of my pregnancies. However, I suffered from really crazy fatigue during my first and second pregnancies. I literally fell asleep at the kitchen table in the middle of the afternoon and slept for like, 3 hours in a little banquet seat...not fun. During my first, I fell asleep in a auditorium during a lecture. Embarassing!
    Great tips. I don't think I could add to them :)

  5. I love that last point! We are "not preventing" a second pregnancy and some days I wonder how I will ever do it when the time comes. I was EXTREMELY ill with my first one. Like IV in my arm from dehydration sick. Nothing worked but medication and constant snacking. At times I felt so horrible that I wondered if it was worth it. Of course it is! But that's easier to say when ur not hugging the toilet! Thanks for the encouragement and congratulations on making it through while taking care of other kids!

  6. I drank LOTS of ginger ale with this baby during my first trimester and I had to take Zofran. I was pretty miserable for about 7 weeks. I never had this with my son so this was all very new to me. I ate tiny snacks. That helped a little.


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