Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Challenge: Something Different

Congratulations to Tara her photo was voted number one for the Food Photography Challenge!
These Days was a very close second. 
Congratulations and thank you so much for participating in my photography challenges!

This week's top 5 are:

Reilly - Sweet & Sour Pickles
 (you should go read her blog post for this submission, if you haven't already - it is SO sweet!)

 (How cute are these baby toes?! And the DOF, perspective and tones of this image are priceless!)

The Bartlett Family
 - LOL! Great exposure.

Hot Coffee Mama
 - what a precious little face :)

Crosbie Crew
 - love this perpective!

I'm sorry - I know that these are all cute little kid pics. I loved your other "happiness is..." shots especially One Inspired Hand and North Fillmore Street

Honorable mentions:
Mischief and Laughs (be sure to read the post it is SO sweet!!)
These Days
Mandy - a sorta fairy tale
Art and Soul Photography

The photography challenge theme for this week is...
Depression is...
Something Different
I took this photo nearly five years ago ( the photo I wanted to take for this challenge last night didn't end up happening) My photo is somewhat of an abstract shot of the dirty fridge vents taken from floor level. It represents how lonely, depressed and overwhelmed I am sometimes... capturing images like this is very therapeutic for me. I love the tones in the B&W and the repeating lines.

The idea behind this challenge is to break out of your comfort zone and photograph something outside of your normal style and subject. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Obviously, the photo must be your own, taken by you!
Anyone can participate in this challenge, regardless of photography equipment or skill.
Your photo does not have to be taken for this challenge - but a new photo is always fun! :)
You can link up your blog or Flickr page - be sure to link up your post and not just your blog's homepage.
Please link up only once per person.
Your post must contain a link-back to be considered as a choice for Top 5
Please grab one of my new buttons from my sidebar - thanks :)
Do take a minute to comment on each other's photos - it makes it so much more fun for everyone!
Link-up is open until next Tuesday.

P.S. Registration will be only open for my February SLR photography class until the end of the week. Only 15 spots left!


  1. Faith - love the theme. I was way out of my comfort zone this week - my first time photographing a newborn! It's always fun to try new things.

  2. wahoo! :) Congrats to Tara! :)

    And thanks for the honorable mention for the "Happiness" pic! :)

  3. Thanks for picking my photo for top 5, and love the challenge theme for this week.

  4. love this theme!!!! so great! love your image for it. the winners this week are great too! don't know how I'll choose just one! thanks for my honorable mention for my food pic!

  5. Thanks for picking me for top 5. I feel so honored! :)

  6. I like that fridge shot...I can't seem to think of something "different" yet....I need to get a move on it before my little stinkers wake up!

  7. gosh if I didnt know it was the bottom of the fridge Id say it was beautiful great shot

  8. Definitely makes me think outside the box, or in my case, inside the washing machine! LOL! Thanks for challenging me to try new things!

  9. Okay. I am new to blogging and would like to participate in a photo challenge. Can you (or anyone) explain to me the process?..What does "link up" mean? Love the fridge shot, never would have thought of that. :)

  10. Ok, so taking pictures of my baby wasn't really "different" but I took them with an idea in mind - using text bubbles to create a story with her expressions as the context. Plus, it was really the first time I used my new speedlite (I'm so not comfortable with flash...) so it really was a different experience for me.

  11. This is a very neat picture! There is a lot to look at and I love that!

  12. Ooh - I'm digging your lines fridge lines, too. I think it's some times more challenging to capture emotions in photos other than good-feeling emotions, but you pulled it off!

  13. I had lots of fun with this theme. Thank you for the inspiration!


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