Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh blog how I've missed you!

I'm finally and officially back from winter break and oh how I have missed blogging over the holidays! I enjoy our relationships so much and I can not wait to get back into blogging full-force.

Wonder what I've been doing while I was gone... and while my kids took over my computer!?

I've been reading cookbooks. Cooking must be some sort of latent hobby of mine, I guess. Not something I pursue much, but I do enjoying reading a good, well illustrated cookbook! It started quite randomly at one of our dearly-loved trips to the Library. I grabbed a cookbook off of the "new adult" display on the kids floor because it looked good and had the word "fresh" in it's title - you've got to love a nice fresh meal! LOVED the cookbook. I've already made two things from it and used their method for making soup to make a creamy chicken soup which was a great success. You can get the recipe for that on my Facebook page by clicking here.

So the next week when we were at the Library I had the kids trudge downstairs to the adult section and snapped up a few cookbooks. One that I really love called "the Family Kitchen" which inspired me to let my kids help me in the kitchen more often. Each of my four kids (ages 9 to 3) helped me prepare a meal this week and it really was a joy. From my five year old unwrapping slices of cheese and laying out stacks of bread for grilled cheese sandwiches to letting my nine year old flip a pancake and help me make my husband's "world famous" birthday fudge that I've made every year for the past nine years. It is a wonderful feeling to be passing on some of the kitchen wisdom from my mother (and grandmother) to my kids.

What have you been doing over the break?


  1. I love reading a good cook book- just as I love watching cooking shows :)

  2. cook books are great, I love Jamie oliver is a story and cook book in one. Thanks for sharing. I would tell you about my holiday but that would be forever take a look at my blog though that will fill you in :D

  3. Illustrated cookbooks are awesome! I love to look at them (and read them), too! And cooking with kids is so much fun. I have hosted a couple of cooking playdates for kids ages 3.5 to 5. We have a ball and the kids love that they made their own lunch!

  4. I wish I had more time to cook. If I were home all day, I would love to experiment with new recipes!

  5. I have always wanted my kids to help me in the kitchen but my hubby doesn't like the idea because he's afraid they will get hurt and it is hard to find a way to incorporate them into things. So I may just have to check out this cook book. :)

  6. aw, I wish I had kitchen wisdom to pass on to my kids ;)

  7. What have I been doing over break: Enjoying my kids, taking pictures, organizing some stuff, and creating a new self-hosted blog. Buh-bye Blogger! Go check it out,

  8. We enjoyed lots of family time. I think my daughter is ready to go back to school though - she told me yesterday that she misses her school friends :) We did enjoy our little bit of Atlanta snow - did you get some down there?


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