Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my week in cell phone pics

Well, I don't have a full week of photos on my cell phone but I have a few to share!

Emma lost her third tooth!!
My Emma lost her tooth!

to: Tooth Fairy
and she wrote the cutest little note to me :)

2011-01-13 08.13.16
The kids were finally able to go back to school after a couple snow days - we were so ready to get back into our routine.

2011-01-13 12.48.30
Our first trip out was to go to the Library, I just love this shot! We read every day before nap time so I'm always glad to get new books!

Josiah got a bad cold and was a grumpy little guy...

2011-01-17 19.45.29
But brownies make mommy feel better :)

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  1. Your cell phone takes great pics. Mine? Does not.


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