Saturday, January 29, 2011

How I create my 365 collage

Okay - so it seriously took me hours to figure out how to use the Coffee Shop rounded corners collage template in Elements (I use version 7). I read a few of her tutorials and fiddled with it for awhile.

So I thought I'd share my process here, hopefully it will help you if this is something you're struggling with.

Step 1: Open the .psd template in Elements. Drag your numbers to the background (or turn the layer off)

Step 2: Drag your pictures onto your workspace.

Step 3: Adjust your layers so that your photos are on top of the corresponding cut out shape.

Step 4: Here is the trick: select your photo, hit ctrl+G and adjust within the template.

Step 5: To add a color box: add a solid color layer, drag it in your list of layers on top of the shape you want and hit Ctrl+G

Step 6: Add text!

The template is from The CoffeeShop and the font for my "project 365" is called CK Becky, the font for my numbers is called Courier New.


  1. Oh! You rock! I've had this template for so long. I'll try to get it right, then just fail so leave it alone then try a few days later. I've never just stuck with it. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

  2. Wow this is NOT working for me. How do you make the edges rounded like the template??? Arggg

  3. Great tutorial! The only things I do differently with this template ... I leave the numbers on until the end so I know where each photo goes. And I work with just one photo at a time. Oh, and I just fill the colored box with the paint bucket thingy. So technical, I know.

  4. Fantastic share! I got a new computer and it doesn't work with my Elements 7 any longer so I'll have to figure out how to do this in LR!

  5. Great tutorial. I do it the same way Kimberly does it. It makes it a little easier on me. :)

  6.! Thank you so much. This is so very helpful. I'm so grateful you put this up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    @Chelsea Once you hit Ctl G, your picture should take the shape of the template.


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