Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before & After with Pixel Perfect

Linking up this morning with the amazing, inspiring Monica at Pixel Perfect for this week's Before & After:

1 22 11 sooc

ick - the strong yellow hue is just gross and totally unflattering, plus the focus is a little off. I was having a difficult time getting anything usable at all so I thought I would play around with this in photoshop elements a bit.

I posted another version on my blog for my photo of the day here.

I created a diptych with a blurry shot and flattened the image:
1 22 11 copy5
I used the "remove color cast" tool, created a duplicate layer which I converted to black and white and reduced opacity, created a few color solid fill layers - a dark brownish red and a light ivory which I reduced the opacity to about 4% but I player around with it quite a bit.


  1. Nice edit Faith. How you feeling? (Morning sickness?)

  2. very cool, I haven't tried that yet

  3. I really love what you've done here!

  4. Wow the difference is huge but really great how you removed the yellow cast!

  5. Love that edit! I have SO MUCH trouble getting self portraits...I've yet to find a consistent way to get it to work!


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