Thursday, January 13, 2011


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I really appreciated all of your positive comments on my last 365 photo. So I thought I would leave this photo pretty much sooc. I did clone out a few crumbs from off the counter ;) 

Emma insisted I play the tooth fairy - she reminded me at least twenty times before she got in bed! This was the note she left for me with her tooth. I thought it was simply adorable - so that's my photo of the day.

Today has been crazy-busy! I was getting the house clean and a nice meal on the table for the hubs who has been out of town. It's so nice to have him home again :)


  1. Always nice when Daddy gets home :-) Your daughter is so cute to do that.

  2. That is too cute! Did the tooth fairy leave something good? :)

  3. Very cute. We don't have tooth fairy here, but I think it's a lovely idea. Maybe we should invite her over ;-)


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