Monday, January 10, 2011


01 10 11

Here is today's photo of the day. I didn't really plan anything so I just picked one of the photos I took today - it was so much harder that way! This photo has a texture I downloaded for free from Paul Grand. I also put a black and white gradient layer on very thinly and toned the brightness down a bit.

I had such a hard time choosing an edit! I have another version here.


  1. I think they're both cool. I think I might like the second version a little better. The texture adds an old feeling to it and gives it character. Both are great though.

  2. SNOW! in GA! Woot! so exciting for the kids :)

  3. Brrr!! It looks cold :O) Some days it is hard to choose the photo huh? :O)

  4. I'm hosting my very first photo challenge! The lucky winner will have 2 different scarfs to choose from. You should link up & spread the love. Thanks friend :)


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