Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 64: Out of the Box - Week 4 Robin's Egg Blue

project64 button

First of all, let me say how much I love Robin's Egg blue. I'm not a huge fan of sky blue or cobalt blue but robin's egg blue I simply adore. I have a mug that I just love that has a stripe of robin's egg blue with purple and spring green and I have a rug in my kitchen that is blue and pink and green and then I have this bowl. I bought one for my little sister and one for myself and it has been the most wonderful bowl for cereal, soup or pasta - it keeps things nice and warm! Or rather it did. Lately it cracked so now I use it for potted plants which is delightful!

Saturday morning breakfast

I actually took this photo last spring but when I posted it on Flickr earlier this week I got a bunch of comments so I thought I would post it - it's not quite as sharp as I would like it to be but it's a great photo for this theme! I'll try to take an original photo tomorrow... today was just so dismal I didn't pick up my camera even once! But I did do some editing - does that count?

Misc Monday with a headache

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This weekend was wonderful! Blissfully warm and wonderful, I even sat on the back porch a drank a cup of tea wearing flip flops. 

a nice cup of teaa cup of tea and an itty bitty baby bump

But today it's gray and rainy and rather dismal and I have a pretty bad headache - like just about every other day this week. I should be sneaking in a little cat nap before it's time to get the kids from school but I could not let today go by without posting my random Monday thoughts.

{one} this has been the week I've "popped" at least just a little. My itty bitty preggy belly is now out there for everyone to see. I still think I look chubby instead of pregnant but that's pretty much the way it will be until I get to my third trimester, I guess! Everyone pops at different stages in their pregnancy and I'm a late one! Which is nice because then I don't get asked "haven't you had that baby yet?!" no, I don't get asked that at all.

{two} another wonderful thing about warm weather is salads. I think my family is just about ready to be done with soups. I made one just about every week this winter which has been wonderful, but I'm ready to move on to salads. I made a really great one for lunch on Sunday with lunchmeat, hard boiled eggs, orange bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, golden apples, nectarine & strawberry. It was so yummy! For the kids I just put the individual ingredients in slightly bigger pieces on their plates. They might not like salad but they LOVE a veggie plate!

{three} over the weekend my littles thought it was great fun to dump out the contents of the big plastic toy container that I (try to) keep in their room and use it as a toy. It's pretty much the only thing that they played with all weekend long. They sat in it and on it, hid under it, jumped off it - tried to whack each other with it... drove me crazy but at the same time made me smile - don't kids just love the simplest things?! Yeah - sometimes - other times it's the super-annoying loud toy with gizmos and gadgets out the wazoo or the toy with a bazillion pieces - but the most lasting ones are the simple ones.

{four} another wonderful thing that happened this weekend was grocery shopping. Yes - grocery shopping - but here are the two magical little words that made this so special - by myself. I shopped for an entire weeks worth of groceries for the first time in a looong time. Usually the little man and I run in and get just what we need for the next couple days. It's not ideal but it's how I get by. Going by myself and getting enough for a whole week was wonderful! While I was there I ran into one of my girl's teachers from school, she asked me if this was my routine. I almost laughed when I said that I'd just run out of everything and had to go to the store. Sometimes I think people assume that because I have sort of a large family that I must be this super-organized super-mom who runs her life on an amazingly well-tuned routine and makes macaroni and cheese from scratch. I am so not that person. Maybe baby number five will change that...

probably not.

{five} kool-aid. Do you remember that stuff? I used to drink it when I was a kid. Every once in a while I pick up a little packet for mine... Well, we had an empty juice bottle (I had tried the Trop50 Apple Juice - SO GROSS!!!) and one of the kids filled it half-way with water and wanted to carry it around the house and shake it up. I said "hmmm... I think I have a packet of kool-aid in here somewhere, let's shake that up." so we made some pink lemonade flavored kool-aid - I was super-proud of myself for figuring out how to pour the sugar into the tiny opening in the juice bottle - I used a plastic baggie with a corner cut to make a make-shit funnel. And we drank all of it in one day. Mostly me.

{six} Have you heard the new song from Andrew Peterson dancing in the minefields? It is so good. If you haven't go listen to it now.

Okay - there's the alarm on my cell phone, it's time to pick up the kids from school!


The first time I heard this song was at church - since then I've heard it on the radio - it's a beautiful song and so catchy. I sing it as I'm driving, washing dishes...

You can listen to the radio version here
Yesterday I knew that I wanted to take a photo to somehow represent this this song and then, like a little miracle I noticed that a few spring flowers had sprouted in my back garden so I grabbed my camera, slapped my macro filter on it and basically pointed the camera at the first flower and I loved the first shot I took - I adjusted my settings a bit and took it again. I played with it a bit in photoshop (elements) - so here is my shot for Sunday's 365 photo.
all things new

Beautiful Things
performed by Gungor
All this pain
I wonder if I'll ever find my way?
I wonder if my life could really change at all?
All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found?
Could a garden come up from this ground at all?

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

All around
Hope is springing up from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You

You make me new, You are making me new
You make me new, You are making me new
Making me new

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sundays are proving to be much more challenging than I thought they would be! They have really stretched my creativity and also made me plan (at least more than usual) to get all of the shots I need by the end of the week!

rice texture
I photographed this rice earlier this week and thought that this image had a really nice texture to it.
Check out another photo I took for this challenge here.

This was one of the toughest for me to come up with a shot for, finally I settled on taking a photo of a foggy mirror. Usually when I shower I have little man play on the floor in the shower (or beside the shower) so that I know he isn't getting into trouble. Lately he has been climbing up on the counter after the shower and drawing on the mirror - it's really cute Today he was tracing his hand, since his Daddy showed him how to do that last night. Awwwww.

I was originally thinking of taking a photo of a button on a shirt or pants, but then I thought about the buttons on my Keurig and I thought that would count too! It was a super-tricky shot to get and I'm not 100% satisfied with what I ended up with. I may go back and try to find some "real" buttons to photograph tomorrow!

1 29 11
See another version here
This is from Saturday afternoon, enjoying a nice cup of hot tea, wearing my nice comfy sweater and flip flops! It is so wonderful to have such nice mild weather again. I'm also linking this photo up with:

01 05 11 alt
This challenge really stumped me. I thought about scanning in an image of my parents during the seventies but I ended up deciding to use a photo that I took at the beginning of the month that I've wanted to share on my blog. I used the action from Pioneer Woman called "Seventies" and I really like how it turned out, though I ended up using a different edit for my 365 project.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


1 29 11
It was a gorgeous day today. The weather was super-mild, warm enough to wear flip flops! So I sat on the porch in my comfy sweater and flip flops drinking my decaf English Breakfast Tea (so good!) and watched the littles play outside. It is just wonderful to be back to such nice weather again! (This photo is SOOC)

Week 4: Project 365

week 4 of 365

Day 22: Self protrait
Day 23: Avacado
Day 24: Cherry Tomatoes
Day 25: Rice
Day 26: Little Man pretending to be an airplane
Day 27: Little Man

The template is from The CoffeeShop and the font is called CK Becky
You can read my tutorial on how I create my 365 collage in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

Project 365 ButtonThe Daily Wyatt

P.S. I posted a new discussion in my Blog Frog Discussion Community about cameras - I'd love to get your input!

How I create my 365 collage

Okay - so it seriously took me hours to figure out how to use the Coffee Shop rounded corners collage template in Elements (I use version 7). I read a few of her tutorials and fiddled with it for awhile.

So I thought I'd share my process here, hopefully it will help you if this is something you're struggling with.

Step 1: Open the .psd template in Elements. Drag your numbers to the background (or turn the layer off)

Step 2: Drag your pictures onto your workspace.

Step 3: Adjust your layers so that your photos are on top of the corresponding cut out shape.

Step 4: Here is the trick: select your photo, hit ctrl+G and adjust within the template.

Step 5: To add a color box: add a solid color layer, drag it in your list of layers on top of the shape you want and hit Ctrl+G

Step 6: Add text!

The template is from The CoffeeShop and the font for my "project 365" is called CK Becky, the font for my numbers is called Courier New.

Random pictures from this week

I was looking through my photos, gathering the ones I'd need to complete this week's 365 collage and I noticed a bunch of other photos from this week that I never shared - so I thought I'd put them together here is one big random photo post.

01 26 11 alt
Beth - typing up her science report

Josiah - tired and throwing a fit at the front door

trying something different
Trying something new - inspired by Lynda

Chatting with my little man

Listening to the sounds of the neighborhood.
he heard the landscapers and freaked out!needs a little Mommy help
He heard the landscapers at the end of the street start their blowers and momentarily freaked out. Nothing a Mommy hug can't fix!
Talking to his reflection in Daddy's work truck
hope it works
This week our iPod Touch got thrown into the bath - thankfully after a couple days sitting in some rice it started working again, not 100% but at least it's not totally broken.

Some random pictures of my adorable little man. I was so happy he was willing to sit still long enough to catch him in this pretty light!

I've been making this all week! So healthy and delicious. Here is the recipe.

The photo viewer on my computer (windows media gallery) has a glitch (it shows them all in B&W and slightly scrunched) was wondering, what do you use to view your photos/choose which ones to delete?

Friday, January 28, 2011


I love these peaceful (okay - mostly peaceful!) afternoons with just my little man and me. We read books, snuggle on the couch and play outside. It is not at all like what I thought it would be (silly me, I imagined I would have SO much more time to get stuff done. That hasn't been the case at all!) but I love it. Josiah insisted that he wear this t-shirt today and I said "okay, so long as you wear it on top of a long sleeve shirt" and this was the outfit he came up with. Silly little man! This photo is SOOC.

Flashback Friday: my baby girl

Summer 2003
This is Emma when she was a baby - such a sweet baby!

When I found out I was pregnant with her I cried - not with joy, but with utter terror. I'd wanted to have a sibling for Beth, but the week Emma was conceived we were moving from Georgia to Montana for a ministry opportunity. We had no money and the ministry was very unstable and stressful. We were living an hour away from just about all civilization and I wondered how in the world we would survive the birth of another baby, we were just barely making it with the three of us.

But everything worked out. By the time Emma was born we were back in Georgia, living with family and she was just the sweetest, cuddliest baby ever and is now an amazing little girl!

Sometimes I feel a bit freaked out about this new baby. Five kids just sounds like a lot of kids to me. We were walking through a parking lot the other day and the hubs and I both were holding hands with two kids each and I though about how when this new baby was born we could be totally out-numbered and we wouldn't just have our hands full we would have more than that. But I know that this is all going to work out and am looking forward to meeting the new baby.

As crazy as it sounds I sometimes think I can feel this new little one moving around inside. It is insanely early to be able to feel anything. I am just in awe all over again that there is a new little person growing inside of me - a little one who is going to grow into his or her own little self. It blows my mind every time that I can grow a little person inside of me.

I have also dreamed about this new baby for the last three nights - in ever dream the baby has been a girl. Hmmm. I'm not going to go out and buy pink onesies but I think it's really odd that in all of my dreams this baby is a girl. Really makes me look forward to having an ultrasound.
Household6Diva FotoFriday

i heart friday

If you've been following my blog for awhile you know how much I LOVE Fridays and these i{heart}friday posts - it's a great opportunity to show off some of my student's amazing work and to feature some photos from some of my project 365 friends.

Here are some photos from my students - I LOVE teaching this class and I am so proud of them!
Ordinary Beauty

01-19-11 - Water Experiment Take 2 Failure

Week 2 Day 5

Week 2: Day 1

Week #3 Day 1

wk2 Day3: Technical Assign, Night time Motion Blur {SOOC, Simplicity e-course}

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