Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a day for a daydream


Make your own bliss...

I bought some pretty flowers for my kitchen window. They brighten my day :)

I am loving this photography challenge.Every time I see your photos I think of that song...

Today was a perfect fall day... How was yours?


  1. Much better that the snow storm from yesterday! ;-)

  2. Oh Faith, I love that photo; I can daydream that it's spring...

  3. Spent the day burning leaves in the 36 degree weather-- loved it, the snow can hold off for as long as it likes....

  4. lovely flowers...they would most def brighten my day too!!


    I just wanted to stop in, as a fellow nominee, and congratulate you on your Top Blog 2010 Nomination over on The Blog Guide.

    It is a thrill to be nominated in such great company!!


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