Saturday, November 13, 2010

in a rut.


I feel like I'm under a pile

of ideas

and things to do

and thing undone

not really making much pqrogress

not really inspired to create

I'm stuck

I'm bored

my creativity has run dry

what to do?


  1. this is a great place to be! if you understand what it is...

    it is the bubbling before the meal is ready.
    it's the place where creativity breathes and stretches and heals and looks far.
    it's what sleep is to the body.

    i'm there too right now.

    let yourself bubble.

  2. Me too. Only mine is time-related. My house is a wreck. My baby is feeling cranky. I have so many pictures to edit and no time to do it. Blah.

  3. I've been there too. It's difficult when I spend most of my time at home. I can only take so many pictures of my kids right? Maybe go somewhere and get inspired, a museum or a park? Good luck, let me know if you find the answer ;)

  4. I so understand where you are at. I love to scrapbook and lately just have no creativity for it. The last page I put together I was like ummm ok that's just ok. Haven't done any sense.

  5. sometimes we create the best stuff while in a rut, unexpected things. let the pressure go and it comes to me. I agree with Monica!

  6. Try something completely different than you usually do. Put down the camera and pick up a pair of scissors and a magazine and cut out things that interest you, or pick up a paintbrush and some paint, or even more daring; grab the paint and use your fingers....or just pick up a pencil and sit down with your kids and ask them to draw with you.....just do something that is different that you usually do...even if it's just for 5 minutes!

  7. Sometimes that describes me perfectly!

  8. Oh, how I understand how you're feeling...hope you're able to find some inspiration and motivation soon. A change of scenery usually does the trick for me, even if it's just out for a walk and an afternoon picnic :D

  9. I'm sure you will work your way out of this rut soon. I came here to vote for Urban Musers photo and I was enchanted by all of the beautiful photography. I have always secretly wanted to try my hand at taking beautiful photos. I like what I see and I am definitely following. I would love to add you to my blog followers too.

  10. I couldn't have said that better myself, you are not alone!

  11. this time of year seems to bring blah for me.... to late for beautiful colors .... to early for pretty snowy winter... just simmer a while, it will all come together.

  12. i hear ya faith. im feeling it right now as well. i feel like there are a ton of things going on in my head, being ideas, list of to do's, list of WANT to do's....yet i feel like i'm doing nothing.


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