Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here are the top 5 photos from last week's photography challenge. Feel free to grab a button in the sidebar! Vote for YOUR favorite at the end of this post!

Photography Challenge: Dreaming of Summer


Sometimes this time of year can be a bit dreary so this week's photography challenge is Summer. Today I am thinking about flip flops and painted toe nails. I miss wearing my flip flops. What do you miss about summer? What is one of your fondest memory from the summer that just passed? I want to see one of your favorite photos from last Summer or take a new photo of something that reminds of you of summer.

Update: Yes, I have completely lost my mind. This was supposed to be the theme for next week. I forgot to add this week to the schedule! Sorry for the confusion. 

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Comfort & Joy

It's that time of year! Christmas trees are for sale on every street corner and holiday music is on the radio... so I am spreading some holiday cheer of my own! Wouldn't it be nice to get a little something special in the mail for the next two weeks? This is what I'll be giving away this week...

I'm giving away a gift certificate to my photography class and

a wreath from handmadecolectibles

and a $15 gift card to Starbucks

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Happy Holidays

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photography Challenge: Thankful

Congratulation to Sarah from Loving my Life her photo was voted #1!!

Christmas Bird

This is Thanksgiving week here so the theme for this week's photography challenge Thankful. Link up a photo from Thanksgiving, or of the people and places you are thankful for! Please make sure to link back to my blog in your post. You can grab a button in the sidebar.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

my baby beth... is going to be nine!

When I saw that the theme over at Trendy Treehouse is "Birthdays" I started browsing through my archives. It made me realize how terrible I am at taking photos on my children's birthdays, I think I may have a few more of them backed up somewhere... 

My Beth is going to be nine at the end of the month so I thought I would do a post showing a photo from every year...

Beth - November 2001

Beth's first birthday
Happy First Birthday!

Beth & Emma Jan 2004



The three amigos - Feb 2007

Beth & her birthday cake

Raider kids 5x7

you better hurry up mom


Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorites Friday

The hubs is going out of town this weekend - meaning I probably won't be going anywhere near the computer this weekend. So I thought I'd choose my favorite photos from the photography challenge so far... It was so hard to pick only five from all of the wonderful submissions of children and pets and scenic views, so I just went with my personal favorites and the ones that I thought represented some of the best photography technique and post-processing work. Once I gathered my top five I realized that they were all floral/nature photography... in case you haven't noticed, that's one of my favorite subjects to photograph. So enjoy these and vote for your favorite at the end of the post!

This is just about my all-time favorite photograph. I literally sat and looked at it for two minutes! It's just gorgeous. It is taken by Charmaine Paulin of just bits & pieces.

Yet another flower photo - but another one of my favorites! The tones are lovely, the point of focus is nice and sharp and the composition is very appealing. So thank you Jaymi for giving us all something so beautiful to look at!

I just adore sun flare when it's done well and Sarah from Loving my life did an amazing job both as a SOOC image and with this edit.

Usually I am not a big fan of flare added in post-processing but this is one of those rare exceptions where it works! Rosie at leavesnbloom photography did such a lovely job with this edit!

Here is another favorite of mine, I hesitated to have it here as an official top 5, since her blog is in Swedish, but it is just too beautiful not to mention. The photo is by Johanna

Good luck choosing a favorite!

and don't forget to visit Living Well, Spending Less to win one of my cute Gift Certificates!

P.S. I did totally forget to do a post of my favorite eye photos!! Will get one up ASAP - but we won't vote on a favorite.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Confession: I love my little violas. I planted them in a cracked bowl (it was my favorite stoneware cereal bowl) and they sit on my widow sill. Violets are my favorite flowers and violas are my second favorite. 
Confession: I love my followers - you! The other day I noticed this on my blogger dashboard and it made me smile so I took a quick screen-snip. 365 followers - how cool is that?! Thank you :)

Confession: I have been a bit of a mess lately. My husband has been an angel and picked up some of my slack. I do so love him! I have a gazillion emails that need to be replied to (okay not exactly that number but it feels close!) among those are the dreaded "what do your kids want for Christmas?" emails. I really hate writing those because they are really awesome kids who will love just about anything they are given - at least for a day. And they will forget about whatever it is they were given within a week. There are very rare exceptions, but it makes it hard to write "the list".

Confession: I've been to the gym zero times this week again. I've been to the drive-through to get a chicken biscuit or burger a record number of three time this week! I tell you what, next week I'm buying the ingredients to make my own chicken biscuits because the amount of money I've spent at the drive-through this week is insane.

Confession: Potty training is always one step forward, two steps back for me. I know moms who potty train their kids less than a week - I have never been able to do that. I have a hard time staying consistent and remembering to take the pull-up off and the big-boy pants on. So after almost a week in his super-awesome diego pull-ups (which were purchased in a moment of weakness for my little man's adorable politeness) he is now having a hard time staying dry again. Oh well. It'll happen... eventually.

Confession: It took me almost all day to write one blog post this week. I did a guest post on living well spending less yeah - that was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  You can read it over there and enter to win one of my super-cute gift certificates! Want me to do a guest post for you? Let me know. 

Before & After with Pixel Perfect


2051 Delight texture3

There are lots of layers to my edit. I edited is PSE 7 and used Paint the Moon's {free} Action called Delight ( I love it) then I used a free action called Willette's curves boost (once you "like" her facebook page you can click on "fan freebies")Then there are two different textures that I downloaded for free from Shadowhouse Creations I created half a dozen versions of this.. eventually I just had to give up!

To see more amazing edits visit the Pixel Perfect blog!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a day for a daydream


Make your own bliss...

I bought some pretty flowers for my kitchen window. They brighten my day :)

I am loving this photography challenge.Every time I see your photos I think of that song...

Today was a perfect fall day... How was yours?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Participating Photographers: Hugs from Henry the Sock Monkey Project

Here is the list of photographers who have volunteered so far. I know Erin has been curious to meet you all! Thank you SO much to each of you who have volunteered to participate! I am so humbled by the amazing artists and professionals in this project.

John Sanderson - Lucas' Uncle and an amazing photographer! 
Kimberly Sanderson - Lucas' Aunt and John's wife, also a great photographer.
Carl Zoch - I could have spent all day on his blog.
Ashley Sisk - the queen of photography challenges! 
Chelsey - aka The Paper Mama
Courtney Kirkland also check out her Etsy shop!
Jess Craig - of IROCKSOWHAT
Sandy Addison - has participated in my photography classes and always super- supportive of my work and she is from Australia! How cool is that?!
Tim Prust  - another participant in my photography class :)
Will Jacks 
Lindsay R. Lanasa 
Sarah Halstead 
Jessica Schrock
Jennifer Beal 
Crystal Pridmore 
Laurie Ann Martin 
Jessica Del Vecchio 
Suzanne Tenuto 
Megan Lane 
Kay Beaton 
Allison Mayer 
Enna Grazier 
Heather Jones 
Kate Passaro 
Kelly Robison 
Debi Tipton 
Rachel Brandt-Fisher 
Connie Hemme 
Nancy E. Cook 
Chrystal Oates 
Erin Brady 
Sarah Wallace  
Carla Schuyler 
Jennifer Stark

Photography Challenge: Daydream

Congratulation to Audrey for winning the vote on the "Fall" photography challenge. It was a really tight race and I had no idea who would win right up until this morning.

The theme this week is "Daydream" and I really have no idea why I choose this theme, what would this theme look like? I honestly don't know. So I chose a photo from my archives that I really like. It is one that I noticed today as I was poking around on my Flickr site.
the darkness and the light

You can link up below - please just remember to link back to my blog♥ and make sure that you link up the url for your blog post :)
I can't wait to see all of your amazing photos! Don't forget to check back to see last week's top five photos!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday JOY

You might remember that I mentioned a few days ago that I was not really feeling the Holiday spirit. Well over the weekend I had an awesome idea - why not make my own Holiday joy?

So I am.

Right here - on my blog - with you.

December 1 to 15th  I will be giving away something from my blog every day! From prints of some of my photographs to hand-made holiday decorations from this etsy shop, a Flickr Pro account, and gift certificates to my photography classes. I'll also be giving away a copy of Toy Story 3 on DVD  and other little goodies like Starbucks gift cards. FUN!

To kick it all off I am participating in 30 Days of Holiday Cheer at Living Well, Spending Less and today you can enter to win one of my gift certificates. at Living Well, Spending Less.

Well, I'm off to pick up the kids at school -  I just had to share my exciting plans!!

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Interested in advertising your blog or etsy shop?  Only $5 a month to advertise on my blog! I've nearly reached my goal of 5,000 visits a month!

Or maybe you would be interested in hosting a  giveaway? For the next month I will be giving away four of my brand new photography class gift certificates - perfect for the upcoming holidays!
Let me know

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little man's silly sayings

my adorable little man

I was inspired by my little sister's blog post and decided to write a post of my own about some of the cute and funny things said around here by my little man.

I put a hoody on little man this morning and asked if he wanted to wear a hat too he said "no thanks, I've got my neighborhood"

this is the face he makes

We were driving and sister was talking about Hannah Montana when Little man pipes up "when I was big I kissed Hannah Montana"

"I'm NOT cooperating!"

He talks about when he was big a lot, one day he said "when I was big and you were little, Mommy, I carried you in my Toy Story Three baby carrier... and then, we went back to normal."


This afternoon he asked me if he could have another piece of gum. I asked if he had swallowed it and he said he hadn't so I asked him where the piece went that I just gave him to which he replied "it went down the hole in my mouth!"

LOVE his smile.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

in a rut.


I feel like I'm under a pile

of ideas

and things to do

and thing undone

not really making much pqrogress

not really inspired to create

I'm stuck

I'm bored

my creativity has run dry

what to do?

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