Friday, October 29, 2010

yo - it's candy time!

I heard this on the radio again - my favorite part is the third verse... I always laugh SO hard!It's a Chris August song that I've shared on here before but I figured that y'all wouldn't mind hearing it again...

if you don't understand I'll give you a clue
Chris is to kit-kat's like women are to shoes
your diet is whack
mine's like a real life dream
with a six-foot Twix playing tag in the park
and a sugar-daddy yellin' son be home before dark
so unwrap this rap
and unsnap this snap
cause I gotta make room for my two o'clock snack

My day has started out crappy - yet again - this time I spilled my coffee in the van on the way to taking the kids to school. Good grief. But guess what? My GIFT CERTIFICATES arrived!! whoot! whoot!


Here's one image... look out for more soon and the opportunity to purchase them for that special someone on your Christmas list!

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  1. I hope your weekend was better than your day started out on Friday!


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