Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I am SO behind on my blogging! Even in this post there were a bunch of things that I wanted to be able to blog about and link-ups I wanted to participate in but I just don't have the time!

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Today's Touch-Up Tuesday post is all about White Balance! As you can see in the before/after pics below setting a proper white-balance is an important element to getting a really great shot. While it's pretty easy to change the hue of your image in an editing program, I like to get my original photo as close to perfect as I can, if I have the time.
white balance DSC_0750

white balance DSC_0710

Most cameras have basic white balance pre-sets that you can use to improve the hue of your image. Common white balance options are florescent, incandescent, cloudy, shady, sunny and flash. If you have a SLR you can set a custom white balance. 

I set my custom white balance using a sheet of white computer paper, I also have a set of warming cards  that help me alter my white balance. To set a custom white balance on my Nikon D80 select "pre" in my white balance menu, hold the white balance down until the "pre" flashes on my menu panel, I fill my frame with the white paper, click the shutter and check to make sure that my camera accepted my white balance. Sometimes when the light is quite dim it will take a couple tries and a very wide-open aperture to get the white balance to "take" when it does my LCD display will flash "good". It is totally awesome and has totally saved me a couple times when I wasn't sure what white balance to use. 

So there you go, not a photo-shop edit, but rather an in-camera edit. Hope this helps!


  1. Good heavens! What a GIGANTIC difference, especially on that first one! Gorgeous.

  2. The edits look great. So do those rolls. Yummy!

  3. Goodness the edits of these rolls make them look warm, delicious and gooey! I want a bite!

  4. mmm yum! Great tip too! Will have to give it a try!


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