Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photography Challenge: Portrait

I feel like I have totally lost my brain. Gray rainy days do this to me, every time. Can't today just be Monday so I can start this week over again? I think it's time for another cup of coffee and some snuggle time with my little man.

I do not have a top 5 for this week yet, I'll try to post it tonight. Sorry!
Congrats to RSVP ink/CMH Photography! Her photo was your choice for the #1 submissions by the biggest voting margin to date. So be sure to send her some comment lovin' today! How do y'all prefer the vote to be organized? Do you like it when I post the top 5 on Friday or Tuesday? Please leave me a comment to let me know! And look for a post with the top 5 from last week's photography challenge later today.

The theme this week is Portrait:
This is one of my favorites from a maternity-shoot I did last year.

A portrait is NOT the same thing as a snapshot. A snapshot is a moment captured spontaneously, a portrait is (according to Wikipedia) a composed image of a person in a still position. It can be of a person or a pet. Especially after all of the AMAZING self-portraits I saw a week (or two) ago I can not wait to see your portraits!!


  1. is this supposed to be a self portrait or just a portrait of some one else that we photographed?

  2. I still have so many pictures to download, but I have just done this one which is most definitely a portrait, of a complete stranger I spotted outside the Pedrera in Barcelona!

  3. Sounds like fun.I will be back to post mine.I am a new follower!Marla Grace

  4. I can see why it's a favorite. Great shot.

  5. There are so many good ones so far! These challenges give me inspiration - even when I don't enter! Thanks Faith! =)

  6. I didn't know I was going to capture the portrait I got of my son dressed up for his school Halloween party, and when I got the series I was so pleased with them so I hope you don't mind me putting up the link as I am not a portrait photographer, or for that matter someone who would even describe themselves as a photographer, I just love taking photos which I like and am just so chuffed when others do too!

  7. Oh of course it is okay! You don't have to be a professional photographer to link up :)


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