Friday, October 29, 2010

yo - it's candy time!

I heard this on the radio again - my favorite part is the third verse... I always laugh SO hard!It's a Chris August song that I've shared on here before but I figured that y'all wouldn't mind hearing it again...

if you don't understand I'll give you a clue
Chris is to kit-kat's like women are to shoes
your diet is whack
mine's like a real life dream
with a six-foot Twix playing tag in the park
and a sugar-daddy yellin' son be home before dark
so unwrap this rap
and unsnap this snap
cause I gotta make room for my two o'clock snack

My day has started out crappy - yet again - this time I spilled my coffee in the van on the way to taking the kids to school. Good grief. But guess what? My GIFT CERTIFICATES arrived!! whoot! whoot!


Here's one image... look out for more soon and the opportunity to purchase them for that special someone on your Christmas list!

i {heart} Friday!

It's that time of the week again! I LOVE love love putting these posts together! These are more photos from my photography class this month. BTW: Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for my SLR Photography class!

Day 3 - Contemplate Your Shot

Simple Object Wk 3

Contemplate Your Shot #2

Week 3 Day 4 Portrait Challenge


Week 3 Day 1 Low ISO


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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to arrange link-up buttons in your post so that they look pretty... aka my longest blog title ever!

I have finally figured out a super-easy way to arrange the link-up buttons in my post so that they look nice, so I thought I'd share it here.

Here is the code in my blogger post creator:

Here is what it looks like in my post:

See how they are aligned so nicely?! LOVE IT.

Here is the code color-coded to help you understand it:

  • First I copy and pasted all of the code from the blogs I was linking up with into my post in "edit html" view.
  • Then I inserted the code (called a "tag" ) to make the whole thing centered. It's highlighted in yellow. Don't forget that you have to "close" this tag! That's the code at the very bottom, also highlighted in yellow.
  • Then I have some text "Linking up with:" 
  • Then you see the green code - that is the code that links the image to the blog I'm linking up with!
  • Next is the purple/fucia code. That's the image code. (Sometimes there are "extra" little bits of code like "border" or "alt" that are giving additional information to your html viewer. Don't worry about those bits.) 
  • Here is the important part highlighted in light blue/teal: you want to make sure that you insert this before the "img" tag closes " />" insert your code=  height="###" and they will turn out lovely. You may need to edit code that is already there - just make sure if there is also a width code that you delete it. You don't have to use 125. The number is relative to pixels, I believe, and so long as these numbers are all the same then your buttons will all be lined up neatly.

The cool thing about html code and your images is that you only have to supply one image specification to resize your image, either height or width. Sometimes I'll use width as my specification, like when I'm adding buttons to my sidebar, in this case I am going to use height as the common image specification. That code is highlighted in bright blue/teal. The important thing to remember is to insert your height code inside of the image code and not inside of the link code.

Please be sure to leave a comment if this was helpful to you! :)

Thursday's rambling

This is has been a whole week of Mondays for me. Bad day on top of bad day... I'm so tired of being so tired! So done with feeling crowded, so over feeling burned out, a day late and a dollar short.

My day started really badly - one of those "Mama from Hell" type mornings - but as I ran my errands with my sweet little boy I started to appreciate this season and the blessing that I have as a mama. Even though some days are harder than others.

I saw this little footprint that my little man made and it just reminded me of how little time I have left with little ones to snuggle with at nap time and to cuddle with while we watch Little Einsteins.

I went to the gym again today and I was slightly less pathetic! I'm still working on running, sill can't go for more than 3 minutes. I have no clue what I'm doing.

On the radio today I heard Owl City do a cover of In Christ Alone. I could listen to it all day.

Last night we watched Extraordinary Measures - it was awesome! I highly recommend it. My husband and I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

baby rolls

I call this one "if you let your photography friend watch your baby... she's going to take his picture" this is my friend's nearly one-year old. I enjoyed watching him so very much. (The image is SOOC)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photography Challenge: Portrait

I feel like I have totally lost my brain. Gray rainy days do this to me, every time. Can't today just be Monday so I can start this week over again? I think it's time for another cup of coffee and some snuggle time with my little man.

I do not have a top 5 for this week yet, I'll try to post it tonight. Sorry!
Congrats to RSVP ink/CMH Photography! Her photo was your choice for the #1 submissions by the biggest voting margin to date. So be sure to send her some comment lovin' today! How do y'all prefer the vote to be organized? Do you like it when I post the top 5 on Friday or Tuesday? Please leave me a comment to let me know! And look for a post with the top 5 from last week's photography challenge later today.

The theme this week is Portrait:
This is one of my favorites from a maternity-shoot I did last year.

A portrait is NOT the same thing as a snapshot. A snapshot is a moment captured spontaneously, a portrait is (according to Wikipedia) a composed image of a person in a still position. It can be of a person or a pet. Especially after all of the AMAZING self-portraits I saw a week (or two) ago I can not wait to see your portraits!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Confessions part 2

If you would like to link up with me and share your confessions grab the button for your blog and link up at the bottom of this post.


I had a wonderful time at the Ladies Retreat at my church! the teaching was great, the fellowship was awesome and my walk with God feels strengthened and refreshed. I came home with a renewed vision to raise my kids well and some things to tweak in our day to day life.

Let no unkind word proceed from you mouth.That is the new motto for our family. I'm a nice person in general, but I'll tell you what - when the kids are all testing me I get overwhelmed pretty easily and I get harsh pretty quickly, which means that the kids get harsh quickly too. So we are working on that.

Today was the first time I went to the gym without my husband. We had been going in the evenings as a family but that has become less and less frequent. It was wonderful. I tried to run, my goal was five minutes, I made it two. So I guess I'll have to work up to it.

Today I am totally and completely exhausted, yesterday I drank way too much coffee and got almost no sleep last night. Plus we've had a bunch of storms roll through today - I'm totally backed up on my emails and blogging....

I'm so glad y'all understand.

p.s. when I posted this last night the dates for the link up were messed up. It's fixed now!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

laughing on a Thursday

Thursdays are seriously my favorite day of the week. One of the things I love about Thursdays is the Before & After link-up at Pixel Perfect. This week I decided to use a photo that I could submit to the awesome Emily Anderson's photo challenge.

I've used this photo before, but this is a slightly different edit - I adjusted the levels a bit more...

Before - SOOC

KA and me plus Vanilla Pop copy2

Something silly to make you laugh:

I heard this on the radio this morning and I knew I had to share it with y'all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

things I have learned from my stressed-out week


If you read my post on Monday you would know that I have been super stressed out lately over trying to get a babysitter for this weekend. I learned a few things this week and I thought I would write them out.

{one} I DO NOT like asking for help. I like being the one who says "sure, I'd be glad to watch your kids" not the one who is calling every friend, friend of friend and person-I-just-met-five-minutes-ago to ask if they can recommend a babysitter who can watch my kids.

{two} I tend to think that if I pray enough about something that God is somehow obligated to answer me in the way that I want Him to. I prayed a LOT about finding a babysitter, but I found my prayers changing from "God please please please GET ME A BABYSITTER!!!" to "God help me to be submit to Your will, however this ends up, even if that means I stay home from the Women's Retreat." because it's one thing to think you know what God's will is, it's a whole different thing to submit to what His will actually is. I felt really strongly that God wanted me to go to this retreat, so I tried to pray in faith that He was going to provide for me, even as it's getting down to the wire, but you know sometimes I get these things wrong and sometimes I need to get a lesson in life not going my way.

{three} I can expect to fight for every spiritual step forward that I take. I am about a third of the Christian that I used to be. For the last five years life has knocked me down and run me over, over and over again. There have been highs and lows in this gut-busting walk with God but I feel like after getting knocked down over and over that I'm finally back on my feet now again in my faith, but I'm like the roadkill Christian, with tire marks on my face taking the baby-steps in my faith all over again. And as I'm taking these baby steps I have to fight not to fall back down again, or retreat back into what is comfortable. This week I thought for sure that I was getting sick. I had this HUGE headache for two days strait and the tickle in the back of my throat that says tells me I'm coming down with something. I think it was because I was SO stressed out, but I also have this feeling like I'm walking upstream and fighting to take this next step.

Well, I've got babysitters now - it took three to cover all of my kids for all of the day - but it's finally worked out. I am really thankful and looking forward to this women's retreat!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i finally did it!

I ordered gift certificates!

The should be here before the end of the month - I am so excited!! I ordered them from Tiny so they will be a beautiful looking gift that I hope y'all will be proud to give family and friends for Christmas (wink wink) or another occasion. These photos really do not do the design justice. Here is the sample image from Tiny Prints

If you are interested in ordering gift certificates fill out the form below to be put on my list of people to notify when gift certificates are for sale.

Photography Challenge: SOOC

Thanks so much for understanding about this weekend. I hated to not post a top five on Friday. There were SO many awesome photos this week, it was really hard to pick just five favorites!

Here is my top five from last week:

Schrocksters Live

Three Peas and a Bean

rsvp ink

Bumbles and Light

Pampelmuse and me

Please vote for your favorite!

Now on to this week's photography challenge!


The theme this week is SOOC (which is a photography term that stands for Strait Out Of Camera and means that the image has not been edited) I love a great edit as much as the next person, but sometimes it is really thrilling to get a GREAT image, right out of the camera. So this leaves the challenge wide open! Just make sure that it's unedited (a watermark is fine and will still be considered SOOC) if you link up before Friday your photo will be considered for my Friday top 5.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday

It's Monday and I'm feeling soooooo tired today. I slept through my alarm and have been in a fog all day. It's been one of those grumpy days where I can't seem to get anything done - at least not anything really helpful. One of those days when I want to just throw my hands up and scream good-freaking-grief!!!

and then go take a nap.

Confession: some days I really don't want to be a mommy. I HATE feeling that way because I just adore my children and I am so grateful to have four healthy, beautiful children... but then there are just those days. Like last night. I just want to be ME for a little while and not MOMMY. I want to have an adult conversation that doesn't revolve around potty training and time outs. I want to be young and go out and have fun. I hate feeling this way. I am thankful that these feelings pass and are replaced with love for my children and joy in my mothering. My kids were simply adorable this morning, which almost never happens in the morning. They actually helped each other out instead of fighting. I looked in my rear view mirror and smiled because they are such sweet little souls. Even if they do drive me crazy.

Confession: I am super stressed out. I am trying to get childcare arranged for my church's ladies retreat that I signed up to go to. The kids have the day off of school (what is up with that?) so it is even more difficult. I've been praying about it and trying not to get stressed out but it is becoming a big issue for me. I have four days to get this worked out or I don't go. Everyone I've asked so far can't do it, or can only take a few of my kids part of the time, which I would be fine with if I could fill in the gaps. But so far, no can-do. grrrrr. If you say a prayer for me, would you leave a little comment letting me know?

Confession: I don't like how little transparency my blog has had lately. Having a photography-themed blog it is sometimes difficult to know how much of my life I want to share on here but I feel like I'm trying to portray myself on here as better than I really am and I don't want to do that.

So I'm starting this weekly themed post and I'm calling it Confessions. Some weeks it might be rather trivial and superficial other weeks it might be deeply personal, or spiritual. I know that I am the most encouraged by other bloggers who share their lives graciously yet openly, I am comforted by knowing that I am not alone. There are other women, all around the world, who share common struggles... and joys. Which is why I'm also making this a link-up post. So we can gather our confessions together and confess that life is hard, we make mistakes and that's okay.

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