Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

My computer is busted.

The mouse and keyboard refuse to work, no matter how much I re-boot, beg, plead and cry at my computer.

So I'm blogging this from my cell phone.



  1. Oh how sad.... hope it gets back to working soon!

  2. Oh no! That stinks! Hope you get it fixed soon.

  3. So sorry, I hate it when that happens!

  4. it's the worst, when you want to do something and you can't

  5. oh crap! what a bummer! I hope you can get it fixed quick! I always feel so out of it when I am away from the internet for to long.... I think there is something wrong with that though.... try to enjoy your internet-less time!

  6. That is infuriating! I just ran out of hard drive space on my computer & on my blog for photos, wanting to update pictures and not being able to is infuriating!

  7. Aw, that would drive me bananas. :( I hope it's up and running soon!!!


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