Monday, September 6, 2010

"Read to Me Mommy!" Monday

Moon, Have You Met My Mother? is a collection of short poems by Karla Kuskin with adorable pen illustraions by Sergio Ruzzier. They are simply wonderful fun poems to read. They capture the spirit of childhood wonder. My second grader is reading this book and I am enjoying listening to her read them to me. Poems are really good sources of reading material for young readers because the word order is unpredictable and forces them to really pay attention to the words in front of them.
Here is one that we read last night:

A frog's dream
is a green dream.
His bed is a stone pool bed.
The water warbles
the water flows
around his rubbery, webbery toes
while a jewel fly skims
his frogelegant nose
and the dream gleams green in his head.

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  1. Love the poem! Will have to find the book to read to our little Munchkins, thanks for sharing what looks like a brilliant book ;)


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