Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photography Challenge - snapshot

Hey there and a happy Tuesday to ya! This week's photo challenge is "snapshot" - I'm lookig for just a random picture that pretty much summarizes what life is like at your house on any given day. Here's my photo from this morning - I told Josiah "give me your monster face" and this is what I got - it was just too cute not to post:

my jojo - a snpashot of everyday life

So I thought it was SO much fun voting for a favorite blog button that maybe it would be fun to start voting for favorites in the photo challenge? Then won the Paper Mama's photo challenge and it made my ay so I knew Ineeded to up the ante on this photo chalenge here. So I was wondering what y'all thought about voting on a winner for photography challenges? I'm not sure exactly how it would work - if you've got an idea please leave a comment! Maybe I'd pick my top 5 and you could vote for those? Or maybe I could pik my top ten from a month of challenges and y'all could vote for a fave? hmmm. What do you think? Vote for a favorite, yes or no?


Now link up your photograhic awesomeess (or whatever) here! Just lease be sure to mark in your post which ONE photo is your submisson and do please link back to my blog!


  1. Great photo - I wasn't sure what the challenge was this week so I don't have anything qued up...I did take a picture last night though of Kitty Paw so I may enter that tomorrow when I'm back on the ground. In the meantime, I'm working on my class list.

  2. HA HA!! I love a little competition. I'm gonna out-snap y'all. ;-)

    Oh, which pic to choose... this challenge is open to so much. I like that.

  3. Such a cute wrinkled nose!! ;D


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