Thursday, September 30, 2010

Editing Tips

I don't have any recent edits for y'all today, but I have been collecting some links that I thought I'd share today.

Did you love the idea of 31 days of better blogging? Well the awesome photographer chick at my 3 boybarians, whose blog we all link to every Tuesday for sweet shot Tuesday, is hosting 31 days to better photos.

Here is an offering from my newest sponsor. Amanda hosts editing workshops. This image links to her directory of classes.

Click here for a tutorial on how to create this look from Love that Shot.

Also there is a wonderful tutorial on 4 little men and girl twins on how to edit your photos to get this retro look.
This design makes me want to hit myself in the forehead and say "why didn't I think of that?!" It links to some rocking online photography, photoshop and illustrater classes, I hope to take one of these next year.

Here are some more links to blogs that I've found helpful:

Chelsey the Paper Mama at Paper Heart Camera

Ashley Sisk

Monica at Pixel Perfect

Get some great actions (some are free!) at Paint the Moon

FREE photoshop actions at The Pioneer Woman

Coffee Shop FREE photoshop actions and awesome tutorials.


  1. These are great tips and a couple of sites that I haven't looked at until now. I'll definitely be following along through 31 days of Better Photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of the links! I plan to follow along with 31 days also!


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