Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Simple Joy

DSC_0227 everyday actions new york bnw

Carissa at Lowercase Letters had a great quote that I found quite inspiring:

"born in omaha in 1930, warren buffet is on again, off again the world's richest man. and arguably the greatest investor in american history. in 1958, at the age of 27, he bought a grey stucco house in omaha for $31,500 and lives in it to this day. the oracle of omaha is notoriously frugal. he eats at dairy queen, loves burgers and cherry coke... plays the ukulele, drives 1.5 miles daily to his modest office, sits at the same desk that belonged to his father... he shuns high society and instead makes popcorn at home, watches some television and plays bridge. his advice is to live life as simple as you are, just wear those things in which you feel comfortable and don't waste money on unnecessary items." (- richard a. swenson, in search of balance.) wow... especially coming from a billionaire. i think we all can learn from this.

DSC_0096 everyday action new yrk bnw


  1. Off the wall question here-but have your children ever gotten warts from picking up frogs and toads? I have had so may people tell me this-when I was little if there was a toad or frog to be had, you picked it up (holding it away from yourself and with a finger at each side; until it finished doing it's natural defense to try to make you eject it out of your hands quickly....)after this was done then you asked questions-I have never got a wart from a toad-do you think that it is just an old wives tale?

    Just curious if you have been told the same thing-and if it ever happend for real:)

    Just curious and sorry this is so random:)

    Love the photos by the way-it is very nice!! All those freckles:) I love freckles!!

  2. Have you read the book "The Millionaire Next Door?" This quote plays right into what the book talks about.

  3. We have picked up LOTS of toads and have never had adverse reaction from it. Some toads do secrete white poisonous grossness from glands on either side of their neck but not the ones around here.

  4. Beautiful pics. Love them in the b&w too. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

  5. Beautiful photos. Your children all have such sweet faces.

  6. wow I love the first one, her freckles are gorgeous and you sure did bring them out!


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