Thursday, September 30, 2010

Editing Tips

I don't have any recent edits for y'all today, but I have been collecting some links that I thought I'd share today.

Did you love the idea of 31 days of better blogging? Well the awesome photographer chick at my 3 boybarians, whose blog we all link to every Tuesday for sweet shot Tuesday, is hosting 31 days to better photos.

Here is an offering from my newest sponsor. Amanda hosts editing workshops. This image links to her directory of classes.

Click here for a tutorial on how to create this look from Love that Shot.

Also there is a wonderful tutorial on 4 little men and girl twins on how to edit your photos to get this retro look.
This design makes me want to hit myself in the forehead and say "why didn't I think of that?!" It links to some rocking online photography, photoshop and illustrater classes, I hope to take one of these next year.

Here are some more links to blogs that I've found helpful:

Chelsey the Paper Mama at Paper Heart Camera

Ashley Sisk

Monica at Pixel Perfect

Get some great actions (some are free!) at Paint the Moon

FREE photoshop actions at The Pioneer Woman

Coffee Shop FREE photoshop actions and awesome tutorials.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Simple Joy

DSC_0227 everyday actions new york bnw

Carissa at Lowercase Letters had a great quote that I found quite inspiring:

"born in omaha in 1930, warren buffet is on again, off again the world's richest man. and arguably the greatest investor in american history. in 1958, at the age of 27, he bought a grey stucco house in omaha for $31,500 and lives in it to this day. the oracle of omaha is notoriously frugal. he eats at dairy queen, loves burgers and cherry coke... plays the ukulele, drives 1.5 miles daily to his modest office, sits at the same desk that belonged to his father... he shuns high society and instead makes popcorn at home, watches some television and plays bridge. his advice is to live life as simple as you are, just wear those things in which you feel comfortable and don't waste money on unnecessary items." (- richard a. swenson, in search of balance.) wow... especially coming from a billionaire. i think we all can learn from this.

DSC_0096 everyday action new yrk bnw

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Touch-up Tuesday: { better late than never }

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

I'm linking up this afternoon with Chelsey at The Paper Mama's Paper Heart Camera Touch-up Tuesday link-up. If you are at all interested in photo editing and haven't visited the Paper Heart Camera site it is SO worth the visit!

I took this photo before the weekend, inspired by some of the cool white on white photos that I'd seen on Flickr lately.

bottle:: edited
Here's one edit. I wanted to clone out the edges to make the white smoother but I just didn't have the time this afternoon. I made quite a lot of little adjustments to the contrast and saturation, but mainly I just ran Amanda's Everyday Actions "Florida" and Paint the Moon's "Sugar Cookie" and then adjusted some of the layers

edit & crop
This one I used the Florida Action and also the new action from Paper Mama, but I deleted a bunch of the color layers because I wanted this to look very simple. I also cropped it to square and tilted it a little.

So there you have it. What do you think? I'm such a newbie to editing in PSE but I'm enjoying it very much!

Photography Challenge: Out & About

Congratulations to Jessica who won the vote-off last week!

This week the theme is "out and about"
Grammy and the fam at the Rapids
Confession - I don't take my camera with me much of anywhere. With four kids, one of which is a busy three year old, it is really impractical to lug my big SLR with me. This photo was taken at the Savannah Rapids in Augusta, on my cell phone. I took a few shots this weekend at the hospital when we visited my new nephew.

♥ Please link up using your blog post url.
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♥ Link up by Friday to be considered for the vote off!
♥ On Friday I'll pick my favorite five and then y'all can vote for your favorite!

I can't wait to see all of your "out and about" photos!

Monday, September 27, 2010


He went to Atlanta for the weekend to meet the newest addition to our family! My sister in-law had a baby on Friday and the family got together.

here is a photo of my niece and me at the hospital 

I got ZERO really good photos of the baby. A few snaps on my camera phone. The lighting was really tricky, they had the blinds drawn the whole time so the room was dark plus I do really poorly at photographing in social situations. I am such a social klutz that I can really only do one or the other. 

My new nephew with the hubs and Josiah

All my kids with their Grammy

Silly Beth!

"What is she doing?"

No more pictures Mommy!

We're all really tired now. I drove home in the pouring rain - stressful! Plus we are pretty sure that Katie-Abigail left her favorite blankie at the motel room we stayed at. So she was up until nearly ten crying for her blankie. Poor baby. 

I listened to the new Sara Bareilles CD almost the whole way home. One of my favorite songs is "Bluebird" 

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Friday, September 24, 2010

VOTE for you favorite: MOOD

It was SOOOOOOO hard to pick only five this week! There were so many that I connected with on different levels, some were technically better than others, but I didn't want to just pick the photos that were obviously taken with better cameras like the ones by Mandy at a sorta fairytale and Frogmum they both had AMAZING photos!Then there were also some sweet cheerful photos like the one from Chelsey at The Paper Mama and Sheri at The Shades of Pink Snaps - I LOVE the cheerfulness of these images! There were also some wonderful captures of expression like Kristin at Freebird Photography and Brittany Godfrey. I also loved the beautiful balck and whites of Captivus and Katie Julius But here are my top five favorites - they mostly all appeal to the melancholy side of me but I just adore them each:






Thanks so much for participating!! Be sure to grab your button to the right! :)

Vote will close Tuesday.

Before & After Macro style

2233561711_712feac6b7new york
I edited this with Amanda's Everyday Actions free action: "New York"

Here is the original:
dresser warm

This is one of my first ever macro shots using a macro filter.


i {heart} friday - more student snaps

I really do love Friday!
It's hard for me to get the day started, but once I do the day almost always endsup being my most productive, most creative day - plus I LOVE doing these friday favorites feautures.
This weekend plans include watching the first twilight movie, and the new Robin Hood movie (with the hubs). And hopefully we will travel to Atlanta to meet my newest nephew who might be born today or tomorrow.

I should be getting my computer back from the repair shop today! I'll try to have this week's vote-off for the photography challenge up by lunchtime. If you want to go nominate a favorite, leave a comment on the photo challenge post.

Happy Friday!

I meant to put these in my last I Heart Friday post... more amazing photos from my students! If you were featured feel free to grab a button :)

Contemplate Your Shot
My Life
Contemplate Your Shot - Day 5
Simplicity SLR Class- Wk 2- Ordinary Beauty Challenge
Day 2: Stacking teacups
Week 2 Day 2 Ordinary Beauty
Week two: day 5 Shoot where you are
Week 2 day 4 portrait
Week 3, Day 2: Simple Object Challenge: Acorns

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today I am greatful.
Greatful for a phone with awesome internet access.
Greatful for a husband who was kind enough to leave his laptop at home for me to use.
I am greatful for a couple of internet-lite days
and an opportunity to re-focus, readjust priorities, and remember that life caries on with or without a computer.
I am greatful for computer repair shops that offer free diagnostics!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

My computer is busted.

The mouse and keyboard refuse to work, no matter how much I re-boot, beg, plead and cry at my computer.

So I'm blogging this from my cell phone.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photography Challenge

The WINNER of last week's photography challenge: Sheri at Photos @ The Shades of Pink you can grab your button on the sidebar! There is also a button for if you were picked to be in the top 5 on Friday.

This week the theme is MOOD. The mood of your photo can be happy, sad, peaceful or whatever but the photo should convey a mood with or without a face.

Here is my example:
The title of this photo is "barren" and I took it during one of the times in my life that I was feeling very down and disconnected from God.

dandelion puff
Here's one that is more whimsical.

On Friday I'll pick our top 5 for the week and put up a poll so that YOU can vote for a winning photograph! The vote will close on Monday night.

I can't wait to see your photos!

Touch-up Tuesday with the Paper Mama at Paper Heart Camera

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


DSC_0227 everyday actions new york bnw
after - just ran the action "New York" by Amanda at Everyday Elements and adjusted some of the layers so that it wouldn't be too bright. This action doesn't work well on everything but I think it was great for this shot.

Also linking up with Sweet Shot at my 3 boybarians

Sweet Shot Day

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday

Ashley Jean

My Monday could use some happiness. It's just been one of "those" days. Staring at the computer screen trying to put the finishing touches on today's photography class tutorial with nothing but a blank stare. Plus I just spent the last hour wrestling with my internet browser trying to retrieve the email addresses of the participants so that I could get the tutorial emailed out - grrr.

But I saw over on Ashley's blog that there is a new photography challenge in town and I thought I'd give it a try. The theme this week is anything which I love. It's nice to not be tied down by a theme. I almost used a photo from my archive but then I remembered this photo that I wanted to take today:


Today my the color of my fingernails makes me happy - I finally got around to painting them again this weekend, and now they are a nice pretty mauve and that makes me happy!

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