Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: VOTE!

the vote has CLOSED

I took this photo yesterday - it was SO much fun!

Okay y'all - now is your chance to VOTE for your favorite blog button!

You can vote for your favorite button below but please remember that you can vote only once per day.

The winner with be payed $60 to help me with my blog-layout overhaul. Plus I will place their blog button on my blog until the next layout design change- free advertising!
(If the winner of the vote is unable to help with the design changes they will still have their button placed on my blog, but will not be payed for the layout changes)


  1. What a great contest! I voted for my fave.

    Have a great Wednesday.


  2. These are all great! I love #20!

  3. Your "VOTE" pic so pretty!! :)

    There are plenty of great buttons to choose from... but I did vote for my favorite one.

  4. Thanks for linking up to my WW! Great photo, and too cute. I voted!

    Have a lovely Wednesday!

  5. They are all so great but #20 is my favorite (and I did an official vote).

    I also love your "VOTE" shot.....so clever!

  6. Well... what if the person we pick is not YOUR favorite?! I mean, shouldn't your button/blog reflect what you like? What if you hate the one we pick?

    Just askin' questions and bein' a stinker. That's what I do best (and I wonder where my kids get it from, ha ha!)

  7. Ha! You crack me up Cara. There are none that I totally hatezz I may possibly asl the designer to make a minor revision to the design, but I really love them all!! And yes, I really am that indecisive. :)

  8. Oh yay! I didn't know this was up. I'll have to post on my blog. :)

  9. great job everyone! I love the vote photo. so cheerful! I had to go for the Paper Mama's. Simple, clean and effective.

  10. ok. WOW! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!!!

    I am a Jesus loving-stay at home mommy- photo taken woman of GOd that LOVES to BLOG! :)

    Love your blog!!!!!

  11. Voted. There were a few I was between.

  12. Yah! Looks like my #20 is doin great. Happy WW! What a fun idea. Thanks for linkin up.

  13. LOVE your "vote" photo -- and it was a great reminder!

    (LOVE #20!)


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