Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday - second day of school and a childrens book review

The second day of school  is so completely different than the first! My little sleepyheads had a hard time starting their day but by the time they got to school they were walking around like pros! Katie-Abigail went right to her class and her teacher told me she'd had a great first day at school. It turns out that Katie-Abigail loves going to school and is doing great in her class, despite all of my worries. 

Josiah and I came home and enjoyed a nice little breakfast. Then we read the most  adorable book

This book is about baby animals and their mothers doing fun things together. The pictures are all soft and pretty and cheerful and the text is delightful. It is easy to read, rhyming and repetitive with words that are fun to say and very young children will enjoy hearing. My favorite part of this book is that it ends with a kiss from mommy!

Sweet Shot Day

p.s. thank you to those of you who have linked up with their photo for my photo challenge so far this week! a special shout-out to Cara for her AWESOME shots this week!

(here's the original. Click to see it bigger in a new window)


  1. Oooh love this! Your edit is so soft, dreamy and lovely! :-) Now it looks more like a "picture" than a snapshot. Really beautiful. Thanks for playing! ;-)

    (I can't believe school has started for your little ones already - wow! I feel like ours is early...Aug. 18th)
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I really love this photo! It looks so relaxing.

  3. Glad that your school anxiety is becoming less and less. I'll be entering a photo shortly.

  4. Love the photo -- and that sounds like a great book. I'll have to check and see if it's at our library. :)

  5. Love the photo. :) And I too will have to check that book out. I'm always looking for new stuff to read with little man. I'll be linking my photo this afternoon! :)

  6. Nice job with the edit! Looks yummy. :D

  7. I'm so glad school is going well!...and nice for you to have such a peaceful breakfast ;D A lovely image <3

    Thanks for linking up with Communal Global!!

  8. Aw, thanks so much for the shout-out! I actually was playing with the full manual mode on my camera for the first time ever in those shots! (totally psyched about your fall class BTW.)

  9. Looks like it is a sweet book. Happy Tuesday!


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