Monday, August 30, 2010

Other Awesomeness

The Paper Mama

The guest judge at the Paper Mama Photo Challenge is
the theme is "self" for this photo challenge

off for our first day of school
here's a photo for this challenge... sooc
from the first day of school!
I love the light on my face- the warmth and evenness- I don't usually get that kind of quality of light in my car snapshots. :)


The theme at Mama & the Dude's is "oops!"

I plenty of "oops!" moments.

Here is an in-camera "oops!"
I stepped outside to take these product photos for my One Peal product feature post
when my lens totally fogged up!
And here is an editing "oops!"
a fun mistake
this is from several years ago
it's a photo of my three girls
they were about 5, 4 & 2 years old.
wearing their "fairy costume"
I have to add just one more:
This was a happy accident. I was messing with the focus tool in my editing software, trying to blur some of the background when I accidentally blew the while thing completely out of focus. I added some texture to it later on and actually sold some prints of this!
I love it :)


  1. Great shots...but seriously...that last one is perfection even if it is an oops.

  2. Love the last one. So precious! Great self portrait.

  3. That last one is super cute! And my blog design Hannah from Aspire was the one who designed it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm laughing because I'm missing the "oops" in your pictures! They look pretty awesome to me. Really. :-)

    I'm just dropping a quick note to a few touch-up Tuesday friends. Not sure if you read my post from last week, but I've changed touch-up Tuesday to only the 1st Tues. of each month. Crazy school year stuff; my schedule is nuts! I LOVE your edits, and hope you'll join in...just letting you know it's once a month now.

    Have a wonderful week! :-)

  5. such fun photos! I especially love the last one! sooo cute!

  6. I love your inside the car shots! Awesome collection of photographs in this entry. :)


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