Friday, August 20, 2010

Macro Friday Flower

I'm linking up this post with Laura for Macro Friday :) Check out her blog for more AMAZING shots!

DSC_8534 2

I really love this shot. I love the light and the brightness and the soft color. It surprises me. It's the type of photograph that you can only take with a macro filter (or lens) and it is the kind of beauty that you don't always notice in the day to day of life. Beth choose these flowers at the grocery store, I remember asking her "Don't you want something prettier, like these?" No, she insisted this is what she wanted. I guess she saw something that I didn't, until I picked up my camera.


  1. IT really is beautiful and you've captured it so well.

  2. very pretty and soft shot, just looked at your blog, lovely photographs and a great blog

  3. Love your shot.. and the back story...Great lighting too!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Love the soft color.

  5. i love the soft colors. great shot.

  6. Gorgeous! I, too, love the softness of this shot. And yet the details are perfectly shot. Very nicely done! :)


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