Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It wasn't the best of days... but it wasn't the worst of days

Okay, so please please pardon my "Tail of Two Cities" humor... it sounded better in my head. Seriously though, after a stressful trip to the Library I pretty much spent all afternoon on the couch while Josiah watched Sesame Street. It's crazy watching that show, since I watched it every day as a kid.

Can I tell you something? Third grade homework sucks. Plus my third grader struggles with keeping her focus, so math homework took two freaking hours. I'm a 20 minutes and we're done kind of mom (sorry Mrs. M) and while I keep reminding myself and my daughter that this is good preparation for later, I am really hating this. However, Katie-Abigail is doing great. I am so very happy that she is going to school and it is such a joy to help her with her homework in the afternoon.

The best part of my day was watching the vote on my blog. I checked on the poll every few hours and I thought it was {mildly} exciting to see Chelsey's lead get greater and greater. If her lead is still as great tomorrow morning as it is right now them I'll call it and close the voting. I have enjoyed this process very much, it was so much fun to see what you created and then to watch the vote. Is this something you'd like to do again?

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  1. Chelsey's button really was great. I sent her a note to tell her I voted for her and she told me she voted for me - isn't that girls voting for each other and all. Who's that Zach guy?


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