Monday, August 2, 2010

a rotten way to start the week

My weekend was perfect I spent Friday night to Saturday afternoon with my sister and her family. We took lots of pictures, we ate some wonderful food and I got to spend some quality time being just Auntie Faith to my little nephews and niece and chatting with my sister and brother in-law. I came home refreshed and relaxed and ready to conquer my little corner of the world. You can click here to preview a couple photos I took while with her.
Until I woke up with the flu. I've been laying on the couch all morning, willing myself to not throw up.
So yeah, that's a rotten way to start the last week before school.
However, what is bad for me is good for you - since there's no way I'm going to mess with my blog, other than to type this post quickly while the kids eat their snack, so you have one last day to register for the SLR Photography class at the $22 rate - tomorrow I'll replace the link and the rate will go up toe $25. There are already about 15 people signed up from all over US & Denmark! So click here to register :)


  1. I'm really thinking about the class... I've read the info and am very close to registering!

  2. Feel better soon! The flu is the pits!

  3. Oh Faith, I hope that you get well soon!

  4. I love auntie time too - but I always end up with a cold/flu after a weekend spent with them - I sense a trend

  5. Get well soon! Being sick is definitely not fun.

  6. hope you are feeling better soon!


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