Monday, July 26, 2010

RAW(e): 2(6)

This is such a cool, easy photo challenge to participate in! Here is the theme:

 ...what you have to do is go into your 2nd folder of photos and post the 6th photo there. Doesn't matter what it is. How silly, how beautiful, how awful, how embarrassing-doesn't MATTER!!!

My second folder is from February my sixth photo is this:

I also wanted to post a brighter photo that was right next to it:
This was taken at our house, before we moved - in our pretty purple bathroom

p.s. I'm doing an infant loss photo-shoot tomorrow. It is already overwhelmingly sad. If you think of me tomorrow please pray for me and for the family suffering this sad loss.


  1. God bless you for doing that darling. Hugs to you. Are you working with Now I lay me down to Sleep?

  2. So sad but the family will always have those pictures to keep. Hugs

  3. Great shots and I will be thinking of you and that family.

  4. this is a fun challenge and great shot! hope your photo shoot went well, what a sad situation :(

  5. I love these kinds of shots. I will keep you and the family in my prayers. It's a wonderful thing you're doing for the family.

  6. That's a nice shot.

    I hope the shoot went well. I have a friend who has done work with NILMDTS. I will say a prayer for the family, for comfort for their hearts.

  7. Lovely to meet you!
    Absolutely stunning shots!!! What a kind heart you have to work with NILMDTS....

    Oh yeah, I'm stopping by from Sailor & Company Raw(e)2(6)

  8. Hi, what wonderful pictures you take! And what a work you had to do yesterday - I thought about you. Had to be tough...



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