Thursday, July 1, 2010

i got nothin

good morning
this is me
on four hours of sleep
starting cup of coffee #2
I don't have a before/after to share
I just have a headache
because I stayed up much too late last night
fiddling with the sidebar on my blog
There's no before & after blog hop at Pixel Perfect
she is participating in a moment of silence for Cohen

today I am joining here in remembering those families and especially mothers who have been touched by miscarriage and infant loss. Especially my older sister, Kathryn who lost her son Liam just days after he was born. And also my sister in-law Heather who miscarried last year but is now carrying a healthy baby boy! I am remembering my friend Sandy who lost her son a year ago. You can also read the story of Duncan at the Writer Chic. It's really well written and is a glimpse into the heart of a mother during and after the loss of her child. If you are a photographer and are touched by these stories do please consider signing up to be an affiliate photographer at Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.


  1. No before and after? What a great cause though. I have also experienced a tragic miscarriage in my life. Something you never quite get over.

  2. i have a really good friend that just lost a baby last month. she was six months along :(
    joining in remembering all the families that have lost a little one.

    thanks for posting this!


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