Monday, June 7, 2010

Some photo-challengy stuff

I'm entering this photo in this week's I Heart Faces photo challenge. The theme is play and there are so many awesome photos to check out in this week's link-up!

The Paper Mama
The theme at the ever-awesome The Paper Mama aka Chelsey is SUN! Do please go and show Chelsey some comment love!

I totally love looking through my archives for some of these photo challenges. They bring back a lot of good memories. This photo was taken back in 2008, Katie-Abigail was about three, nearly Josiah's age now. We used to go to a big parking lot and ride bikes. The kids LOVED it! It was the thing that they asked to do like every night. I was usually bored out of my mind, so sometimes I'd bring my camera along. This time the sun was setting and the light was a beautiful gold. Here are a few others I love!


If you enjoy doing photo challenges as much as I do then be sure to check back tomorrow (Tuesday) for this week's Photo Challenge!


  1. looks like she is sure having a good time!!! : )

  2. I love your I Heart Faces entry - it's so much fun but has that vintage look to it. Very cool!

  3. So cute! She looks like she is having so much fun almost too much to stop for a photo :)

  4. So clever of you to club both challenges together:) I lie all your shots. They look like so much fun. Yes, I do love your photo challnges and will be on the look out for the next:)

  5. Very cute! I LOVE the photos. Looks like fun.


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