Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Skinned Knees Photo Challenge: Silly


How can I choose justone photo for this challenge? I have SO many photos or my kids making silly faces and doing silly things. Here is a photo of my Emma on her birthday with her Silly Bands, for the first ever photo chalenge at Skinned Knees.


  1. She's so cute! Thanks for playing!

  2. Emma may be silly but she is also beautiful. I love it.

  3. Faith, thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I must say, your little girl is SO cute with her mischievous look there. What a darling! I added your button to my blogroll!

  4. She's a doll! Great entry for a "silly" theme.

  5. Thank you for yet another photo challenge link I can add to my Be Inspired page!

    Emma is truly beautiful! I love the coloring in your second photo!


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