Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Wednesday again!

It's Wednesday, and Library day again. Hope you enjoy the pic above from last week's library trip. Notice Katie-Abigail in the back on her phone?! HA! My {no so little anymore} Emma has read 30 books already for the summer reading program so she is already saying "how much longer until we go?" (groan)
This is Emma & Katie Abigail {ages 7 & 4} playing "twins" they've been doing that a lot lately and I think it is just the cutest thing ever!

It's not too late to participate in my Photo Challenge the theme is self-portrait and the photo challenge will be open until 11:59pm EST . The theme for this month's One Word project is "hello" and they are encouraging participant to do self-portraits. I've been wanting to participate in that this week but I keep putting it off but I'm GOING to post it tonight, the post might no go up until I've finished watching So You Think You Can Dance :) I want to do a good job of editing it but right now my arm is still SO sore from being on the computer so much and playing Wii Tennis all night with the hubs that all I really want to do today is sit in the pool all day.

My husband's company retreat is this weekend and I am super-excited about it this year. We'll be out on the lake all weekend  and now that my kids can swim better I'm hoping it will be more relaxing than last year. Best of all - I won't have to cook all weekend long, gotta love that! And Daniel's boss makes the best burgers I've ever had.

I've been taking photos for the Paper Mama's photo challenge all week long and haven't been happy with what I've taken. I figured it was time to just bite the bullet and post what I have. I think that all of my kids are talented in one way or another, they all sing and dance and make me laugh but I don't usually photograph them doing those things. But anyway here is a photo of my very talented Beth doing her homework - something that she is very good at.

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  1. Library day for us is Tuesday. My kids have been dying to get their summer reading program prizes too! I would say reading 30 books already is a talent!

  2. Great pics. We have a libary day too. Great to document those things too. Happy WW! Drop by my linky party at

  3. Oh yes. We look forward to library Wednesday too!

  4. You're very pretty. :)

    I just cannot get my act together editing anything. I took some selfies, but couldn't edit them in time. Meeting a deadline is a problem with a lot of these challenges. It's one of the reasons why I'm scared to take the class you're offering... I couldn't commit to creativity bootcamp either since it was so demanding on my schedule. :(

    Thanks for linking to the Paper Mama photo challenge! I haven't heard of it before. Straight to my "Be Inspired" page!


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