Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Link-up Party!!

Hey y'all! Don't you just love a great link-up party? I do.  Well when I was setting up my photography class I was hoping for about five to ten students and I've already got more than five participants!! So to celebrate - this week (and this week ONLY) I'll be hosting a link-up EVERY DAY! Does that sound like fun?
Monday - link up with a song you are LOVEing right now
Tuesday - link up with a photo for my regularly scheduled photo challenge
Wednesday - link up with a video - it can be a vlog post, something cute your kids have done recently or just something that had you laughing on YouTube recently - just please limit yourself to ONE. Thanks.
Thursday - link up with your before & afters, it doesn't necessarily have to be your edited photo, it might be something you've re-purposed or show us your awesome new summer look, a weight loss story - basically anything that had a before and an after
Friday - link up with your Friday faves!! It might just be a list of things that you are thankful for, things that make you happy or inspired!!!


  1. Do I link up here? My post today is perfect for this!! :)
    Sarah Ann's Bon Mot

  2. No, link up on the day's post that fits with your post. So you would link up on Monday's post.


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