Friday, June 18, 2010

I HEART Fridays!


This week my blog was featured on Favorite Things Friday over at A Few of My Favorite Things! Thank you so much Jessica!

This week I'm also linking up with the awesome Andrea. Her post this week is just great.

I adore this post from the Creativity Boot Camp. Even if you haven't been following along it's a great post to read. I really love the photo too it was an immediate favorite.

One of the wonderful things about participating in the Creativity Boot Camp is bumping into the fellow "campers" along the way. One blogger participant that really stood out to me this week is blue china studio her drawings and paintings are really simple and beautiful.

Another participant in the Creativity Boot Camp posted this awesome tutorial about how to edit photos in Picnik! Which is a great online photo editing program and has a lot of features for FREE!

You know I like using textures - well thank you Ashley at Ramblings and Photos for the wonderful link to Shadowhouse Creations - aka SkeletalMess. I've used the Flickr textues before so I was really happy to download some of the newest creations that are on the website!

Today is my Emma's 7th birthday! She's already been out for breakfast at IHOP with Daddy. We're doing maniucures later and going to see Toy Story 3 in the theater with Grammy on Saturday. I think it's going to be a happy birthday for her!

my sweet Emma seven years ago

last week

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  1. Your daughter is such a doll! Happy birthday to her. They grow so fast, don't they?

    I just love the picture of the pink it!!

    Have a great weekend...


  2. Great pics! I am a beginning photographer and missed the boot camp (I saw it just never got around to it).

  3. It's crazy how quickly these kids of ours grow up! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures/artwork!

  4. I love that pink phone! I am excited to check out Picnix now. Have a great weekend, Faith!

  5. Happy birthday from my Emma to yours! Smiles!!

  6. I need to get better at taking and editing photos, so thanks for the info. You're daughter is a cutie.

  7. I have a sweet spot for Emmas - mine is 11! Happy Birthday!

  8. Sounds like a great day for your daughter. I love it that she went out for breakfast with her daddy!

  9. oh my your daughter is adorable! does it really go as fast as they say? My daughter is 7 months and i feel like it has gone by in a blink already!

    I just signed up for your eclass! I am so excited to learn from you! I think your photo's are amazing :) can't wait!

  10. Oh happy birthday to your sweet baby! My daughter and I love to do manicures, too! Enjoy TS3 - we are all dying to see it!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. From the mom of a new 7 year old daughter to another, have fun with her. I'm really enjoying this season with her. Mine is a blast.

  12. she is so cute....I heart Fridays too...and this has been a week that it seemed like it would never come...Love your blog...

  13. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! What a nice compliment.

    I'm off to look at your photos. Love your hush one!

  14. Yet another awesome post on Favorite Things Friday! Thanks so much for sharing!


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