Friday, June 11, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Fluid

boot camp
yay! a CBC post before 11 o'clock at night!
So "Fluid" really stumped me, every time I write the word I think of gross unmentionable things or trying to take a photo in the shower. However, I did think of a non-liquid interpretation of the word - that is fluid movement. I wanted to so something on a theme of yoga but didn't have the patience for the elaborate setting-up which such a photo would require. I noticed my summer white skirt laying around and though - hey, I'll try that. Here is what I got:

Let me just say that I was SO far out of my comfort zone trying to do these movement photos. Here I am swishing my skirt ungracefully trying to get enough movement so you can really see it swish.
I did something else, which I really love. I don't think it's particularly great for the theme of fluid.
So I took a break for lunch
and put Josiah down for a nap and tried for a coffee shot.

I so love my keurig coffee maker!♥ I cranked my iso to Ho3 which is a step aabove 1600 to get these shots.
I'm not particularly happy with what I ended up with, (staying with the theme word is so crazy hard) but there you go. Hopefully you did better. Do please leave a comment if you're participating in the CBC so I can check out your work from today!


  1. gorgeous shots!! I love that skirt so so much.

  2. wonderful! and while stepping out of your comfort zone, I think you did a great job on the movement pictures. kudos.

  3. Coffee??!?! I miss coffee. And your lunch looks amazing.

  4. The skirt twirlin' was great!
    That lunch was had to have been awesome, even though it was fluid thanks for sharing a pic of it :)

  5. i just love everything about this post. i love the swirling skirt and the movement, i love the color of your coffee mug and the shot of the water and then the coffee. and i love the lunch photo. this is so sensuous. just lovely. do you have a recipe for that salad?

  6. Oh I just love the skirt "fluid" idea. Super cool! I went more literal with mine, but I like the way it turned out.

  7. The skirt idea and execution of it are wonderful

  8. 1. Your lunch looks DIVINE!!!
    2. We love our Keurig :)
    3. That white skirt is the epitome of fluid! Gorgeous :)

  9. LOVE your shots for fluid, very lovely. I want that lunch and that coffee :) yumo

  10. The swirling skirt is a very creative take on the word "fluid" and it's awesome! The coffee looks wonderful... I would love to be drinking some with you!


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