Thursday, June 3, 2010

Before & After at Pixel Perfect: More blackberries!!



I choose a spot that has great light and lots of white.

I placed a sheet of white computer paper on the window to diffuse the bright afternoon light.

I used a macro filter on my 18-55mm lense to get a nice close shot.

In the computer I used a clone brush on the background so that it was all white

I cropped it to a square

I added textures which you can download for free here and here

I set the transparency on the texture layers to about 40-60% then used a transparency brush on the focal point to brush away an additional  20%.

Then I put my image on top of an image of a scanned polaroid.


It's amazing what you can do with just a plain sheet of white paper when you're taking close up shots. I put the sheet of paper behind the blackberry for this shot:

you can see the paper crinkled a little bit at the top. I can clone that out or crop it out like I did here:

And now I've got a great macro shot!
Don't forget that you can buy prints, notecards & postcards of these photos at my Zazzle store and there are still three days until my photo challenge closes the theme is just to post a photo you took this week!

For more awesome before & after shots visit the Pixel Perfect Blog!


  1. FANTASTIC edit! I love Macro shots! Wonderful photos! The poloroid was perfect for the first one.

  2. This is the yummiest post of the week! I just love berries! Great idea about using the white paper to diffuse the light from the window. I also use the white paper trick with my closeups. I wish I had more white spaces in my house but everything is muted tones and cast color (often unwanted) on all of my photo subjects.

    The texture you used over your berries is interesting. I like the effect but wonder how it would look if the texture was blurred or erased (or minimized) on top of the fruit?

    Thanks for the pointer to the free textures! I'm going to grab 'em up!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  3. Now I want to eat a blackberry! Yum. These are gorgeous!

  4. I absolutely love what you've done here - I especially like the poloroid effect.

  5. What awesome SOOC shots!!! I love them and you gave it a totally different feel with the texture!! Too fun!!

  6. Love your edits! Now I want some blackberries. It is pretty amazing what you can do with a white sheet of paper.

  7. I saw this on your blog the other day. Great job changing it up. I like it both ways, but the antiquing is extra cool.

  8. yuum mouth watering post. I love ur editing. Great job!
    I have joined in too
    plz do visit

  9. Excellent work! Thanks for the information on your technique!

  10. oh I cannot wait to try your paper trick! Love these edits!

  11. Love what you did with the edits! Great work!

  12. Excellent texture! I have used a texture from Skeletel before. Great job!

  13. Love this!! Thanks for sharing your steps!

  14. Nice and vintage-y!! I love how you did the edges - and thank you for sharing your steps!!

  15. Ohhhhhh, lovely! Now I must find blackberries at our farmer's market. Blackberry cobbler is calling my name.

  16. Stunning!! I love how you edited the first one.

  17. What a NEAT edit! SO... glad you shared your steps. :)


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