Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday - part 2

Can someone please explain to me why I feel the need to blog twice a day?! It just can't help myself! Though I have done better this week about unplugging and not checking my email constantly or writing down notes for my blog and/or photography class constantly throughout the day. That has helped me to feel more balanced - and freed me up for some great quality play-time.

So I just finished watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and it was amazing. Nothing less than brilliant. Sometimes a little weird but always great. And ALEX!!!!!! WOW his hip-hop at the end was a little bit weird but considering that he is a Ballet dancer he is just crazy-good. Alex has been my favorite all along and it was awesome to see him do so well. Ashley (the girl in purlple) was also amazing this week! I also just finished eating one of those snack-size haggen daaz chocolate with peanut butter ripple ice cream cups. perfection in a cup!

While we were out running our errands I was playing with my little video feature on my phone and I thought I'd attempt a vlog post(ish) here:
Just a little bit of sillyness. Recognize the song in the background? It's Yours to Take - it was playing on the radio :)
Here's another vid for ya! This took like five tries - it's harder than it looks!! (Gotta love the snapshot not)

Thank you very much to those of you who have registered for my summer photography class. TWO more studens were added to the list today - how awesome is that?! I am so very pleased with how everything is going so far. If you have any questions at all send me an email. Also look for a post soon, probably tomorrow, with more exciting details about the photography class!!

Registration RE-OPEN & Wednesday's link-up

I've recieved several emails and one especially sweet one this morning mentioning that they wanted to register for my photography class but for one reason or another had missed the deadline to register, so I've decided to RE-OPEN my photography class registration for my July basic photography class. Click on the link at the top of the page Photography eClass to register. Registration will close again on Sunday at noon EST. For this class you can use any kind of camera even if all you have is the camera on your cell phone you can benefit from this class. I'll also have a little tip each week for how to better understand the settings on your SLR camera so there will be something for everyone!
Don't forget I'll be doing a more advanced class for SLR users only in September and I'll be offering this basic class again in October and some one-week only classes in November & December. If you have any questions feel free to email me!
If' you have already registered for my photography class you can grab my button for your blog!

This week's link up is a video post. You can post a vlog, something cute your kids have done recently or even a video that has you lauging. I hope to figure out how to do a vlog post soon. My only video camera is on my cell phone, or I'll have to borrow my husband's little camera that he uses sometimes for work to do it. In the meantime here is something funny I'm sure you've all seen. I finally watched the whole thing on The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom yesterday. SO funny!!

Link up yours here! You can also link up your favorite song here and a photo of your home here!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a Link-up Party!! Tuesday's photo challenge

What happens when a little boy gets up before his mama? Today that meant half a dozen eggs crunched and smushed all over the kitchen floor. Usually Josiah snuggles with me before we get up and make my coffee and his chocolate milk, but this morning Josaih was all get up and go, and I was, um - not.
So I cleaned up the huge eggy mess then sat at the table watching Josiah eat his breakfast and the funny thing is that as I sat there what I felt was gratidue. I'm grateful to be the mommy of this sweet boy, I'm grateful that even though he gets into mischief and can be areal handful sometimes he is a good sweet boy. He is my good sweet boy. The little man I dreamed of and prayed for four years before he was born.
Today's theme for my photo challenge is "corners of my home" this morniing I managed to find a comfy spot in my house that's tidy and photographable. It's where I sit every morning to drink my first cup of coffee and where I often sit to read in the afternoons. What about you? Post a photo of a little spot in your home you'd like to share with us! No matter where you live, I am sure you can find something interesting to photograph, once you open your eyes to it.
This week I'm celebrating the kick-off of my photography class and hosting a link-up party all week long! Yesterday's link-up is to post a song. All link-ups are open until Sunday at 11pm

Monday, June 28, 2010

a pocket full of...

Photography Challenges!!

I SO love participating in these, although there are SO many it is often difficult to keep up!



It's a Link-up Party!!

Hey y'all! Don't you just love a great link-up party? I do.  Well when I was setting up my photography class I was hoping for about five to ten students and I've already got more than five participants!! So to celebrate - this week (and this week ONLY) I'll be hosting a link-up EVERY DAY! Does that sound like fun?
Monday - link up with a song you are LOVEing right now
Tuesday - link up with a photo for my regularly scheduled photo challenge
Wednesday - link up with a video - it can be a vlog post, something cute your kids have done recently or just something that had you laughing on YouTube recently - just please limit yourself to ONE. Thanks.
Thursday - link up with your before & afters, it doesn't necessarily have to be your edited photo, it might be something you've re-purposed or show us your awesome new summer look, a weight loss story - basically anything that had a before and an after
Friday - link up with your Friday faves!! It might just be a list of things that you are thankful for, things that make you happy or inspired!!!

Miscellany Monday: the Pool edition

We LOVE going to the pool!

Especially Josiah, who will try to get ready hours before we actually head out the door

Beth is a really good swimmer now. She can swim in the deep end without floaties

She really loves to wear a mask. (just like Mommy did when she was little)

Emma is so brave! She jumps the highest and gets water in her face the best! She lets her Daddy throw her into the deep end. She is not a strong swimmer without her floaties yet but she is getting better every day.
It took Katie-Abigail a long time to feel comfortable in the water. The first time she went out into the pool by herself she had a floaty vest, water wings and a ring!
Now she is down to just the water wings and is getting to be a great little independent swimmer.

Josiah is a great little swimmer too. It took him a really long time to get comfortable in the water and to use just the water wings but now he's out little water bug and is the last one to get out of the water just about every time.
Click here to watch a video of Josiah swimming:

How cute is that?!
I'm linking up with Miscellany Monday over at lowercase letters ♥
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This week to celebrate the kick-off of my first ever Photography eClass I'm hosting a link up party EVERY DAY this week! Today link up with a song you're thinking of, loving right now, listening to *just please remember to keep it family friendly :) Here's one that came to mind! I used to listen to this as a child all of the time.

here's my kid's current favorite:

Please link with the url of your blog post and not the url of the song. :) All linkys for this week will be open until Sunday night 11:59pm EST

a GIVEAWAY winner!!

The WINNER of my Photography eClass GIVEAWAY is
Big Mama Cass' Button
She has won a FREE month of my photography classes!
Thank you to everyone who has entered my Giveaway - y'all are awesome.

If you missed out on registering for this class don't worry. I'll be doing a more advanced SLR only class in September and I'll do this basic class again in October then a few one-week only classes is November & December. More details and information about these classes will be coming soon! Feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions you might have!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey Y'all! We had a wonderfull sun and water-filled weekend at the lake! How was yours? I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow at 10AM (est) I will be posting the winner of my photography class giveaway!! One lucky winner will recieve a FREE month of photography classes starting July5. There is still time to enter my giveaway just CLICK HERE!

check back tomorrow to see if you're the winner!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

i {heart} FRIDAY

Today I'm linking up with Jessica at A Few of My Favorite Things
Welcome to today's edition of I {heart} Friday here on Simplicity. I am enjoying these posts so much I think I just might have to make a button for it, or something! Seriously, I have this post in draft all week as I collect little things to share with you at the end of the week. I love it!

Usually my inspiration is mostly visual, and I do have some wonderful photos to share with you but this week some of my best inspiration has been written! Honestly if a blog post is super-wordy I tend to sort of skim it. I love the photos and a good little rant, oh yes, I do love me a good mama rant. But these posts spoke to my mama heart and I ate them up and felt like writing something more serious myself - at some point, eventually.
This Heavenly Life
Check out This Heavenly Life her posts are well-written and thought provoking as well as a whimsical and humerous account of her life as a stay-at-home mommy to two adorable little girls.Check out the link-up she's participating in called Bigger Picture Moments. All of these posts are worth reading! I hope to maybe link up next week (so many link-ups so little time!)

also from her blog are these little beauties

My favorite creative blog is Smile and Wave and the awesome Rachel has posted yet another rockin' tutorial this one on how to make some simple pom poms to celebrate summer.

Have you seen this AWESOME etsy shop? It's called Polkadot Magpie and it's all made out of recycled material! This is one of the most creative personalized handmade jewelry etsy stores I've seen! She works with metals wood and beads - go check her out!

This is CRAZY cool, it is something you plug into your iPhone, iPog Touch or iPad and it turns it into a universal remote. via Real Simple's 6 Time Saving Tips

Photo Contest at Gazzilion Bubbles Through July 23!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


My song for this week. I hear it on Air1 Radio all of the time. "Lead Me" by SanctusReal

FREE Blogger templates at Smitted Blog Design - so very very cute!!

This weekend only at Imagekind you can get FREE ground shipping! Click here to buy my photography prints! Use the checkout code "SUBJECT10" click here to view the ad.

I will be away from the computer this weekend so if I don't reply to comments or questions -  that's why!Don't forget that there is still time to register for my photography class!! Next week's photo challenge is "home"  - I'd love to see a little corner of your home that you love or something that reminds you of home, or even a photo of where you used to live! The link up will be up on Tuesday and Wednesday - so don't forget! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Word - hello

I put it off until the light is perfect
until my hair is done until
I have time to photo-shop it
to erase the lines and the dots

but you know what,
it's time to just be me
I'm not going to cover up
I'm not going to be ashamed
because I'm not perfect
but then no one is.


linking up with the Pixel Perfect
Shutter Sisters self-portrait challenge One Word Project  word for the month of June is "hello"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tonight it's just random thoughts

Yeah, so I know I said I was going to post a self-portrait tonight, but I tell you what, I am wiped out I did take a few shots tonight, but I wanted to do some editing and put up a thoughtful post with it and I just don't have it in me right now, so I'm saving this post for tomorrow's before & after. sorry

At least this time at the Library it wasn't my kid screaming, but still - stressful. My darling little man is driving me crazy!!!!! I can not wait for this mischivious/defiant stage to be good and over with. I remember K-A being this way too and I know it will pass, but it's just so very, very trying and emotionally exhausting.

I don't know exactly why but I take a photo on my camera phone just about every Wednesday. I've been thinking about doing a link-up, I just can't think of what to call it - Camera Phone Wedneday just sounds so corny.
Beth - dancing to a song on the way to the Library

On a happier note, I got my fifth registration for the photography class today!!!! I did a little happy dance, right there in the parking lot at the Library when I saw the email on my phone! Five participants was my goal and I am SO thrilled that enough of you trust me enough to spend twenty bucks on a photography class with me. There is nothing, so far, that has made me doubt my own ability so much as opening myself up to teach this class, so y'all ROCK! I'm going to make a button for your blog ASAP for those of you who have registered, so check back for that - it'll be up either Friday or Monday, depending on how crazy things get around here. If you haven't registered yet there's still time!! You can also register for my GIVEAWAY for a FREE spot in my photography class!

Emma has already completed her summer reading program! She read 30 books already this summer!! I am so proud of her. She has got the quality of perserverance and that has taken her a long, long way.

From the Library we headed to Chick-fil-a so that the kiddies could play while I tried to get some work done on writing some tutorials for my photography e-class which didn't really happen. A boy came into the play area who we later found out was autistic, I was so proud of my kids and the kindess and friendliness that they showed this little boy who you could see was nice but very different.

the clouds were beautiful on the drive home
(taken on my camera phone)

We went strait from there to swimming - I really hate that I didn't bring my camera, it was slightly overcast and just perfect for taking pictures of my beautiful kiddos doing the thing we are enjoying most this summer!Then Daniel made the most heavenly mac n cheese for dinner. He is such a perfectionist and it usually pays off. :) AND my wonderful sister Abi sent Emma the party game BopIt She LOVES it!!

Did you watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight? I did. LOVED the lighting and cinematography for Robert's dance. I was astonished at Melinda's performance! For the first time she wasn't corny.  Can't wait for Billy & Kent to GO HOME! I'm SO over Lauren & Ashley they are drama queens! Alex is probably my favorite.What do you think?

It's Wednesday again!

It's Wednesday, and Library day again. Hope you enjoy the pic above from last week's library trip. Notice Katie-Abigail in the back on her phone?! HA! My {no so little anymore} Emma has read 30 books already for the summer reading program so she is already saying "how much longer until we go?" (groan)
This is Emma & Katie Abigail {ages 7 & 4} playing "twins" they've been doing that a lot lately and I think it is just the cutest thing ever!

It's not too late to participate in my Photo Challenge the theme is self-portrait and the photo challenge will be open until 11:59pm EST . The theme for this month's One Word project is "hello" and they are encouraging participant to do self-portraits. I've been wanting to participate in that this week but I keep putting it off but I'm GOING to post it tonight, the post might no go up until I've finished watching So You Think You Can Dance :) I want to do a good job of editing it but right now my arm is still SO sore from being on the computer so much and playing Wii Tennis all night with the hubs that all I really want to do today is sit in the pool all day.

My husband's company retreat is this weekend and I am super-excited about it this year. We'll be out on the lake all weekend  and now that my kids can swim better I'm hoping it will be more relaxing than last year. Best of all - I won't have to cook all weekend long, gotta love that! And Daniel's boss makes the best burgers I've ever had.

I've been taking photos for the Paper Mama's photo challenge all week long and haven't been happy with what I've taken. I figured it was time to just bite the bullet and post what I have. I think that all of my kids are talented in one way or another, they all sing and dance and make me laugh but I don't usually photograph them doing those things. But anyway here is a photo of my very talented Beth doing her homework - something that she is very good at.

also linking up with 5 minutes for mom

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