Monday, May 31, 2010

there's something about summer time

I don't know what it is about the summer that gets to me. I make it all the way through flu season with barely a sniffle, sumemer hits and I fall like a leaf during drought season. On Saturday I walked around in a haze with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and a tissue always at the ready. Thankfully it only lasted a day, and thankfully Josiah is feeling better and no longer has a fever, just a bit of a cough, Katie-Abigail seems to be coming down with the same thing, so I'm hopeful that we just cought a little virus and have nothing serious to worry about.
Needless to say Saturday was one of those days when the kids watched a deplorable amount of TV and the kids ate lunchmeat cheese strings and corn chips for dinner.

I attempted to photograph something for the photo challenge at Paper Mama, which didn't really work.

time for bed!
On Sunday I slept in - which did my aching head a world of good. Daniel wanted to take the kids to she the new Shrek movie, they all wanted to go so with very low expectations we went to the movies - it was only Josiah's second time at a movie theater. Amazingly the kids all behaved fantastically. I wanted to take a nap, but they were all happy.

clouds outside the movie theater

We went to the bookstore to drink coffee and hang out, the little ones like playing with the train set . I could easily drop $100 there but I usually walk out with nothing, like yesterday.
What have you been up to this weeked?


  1. You're a better woman than me then. I cannot leave the bookstore with nothing. I have yet to experience that.

  2. lol! it is certainly not out of principle or self-control that I walk out without anything - it's cause I can't make up my mind!! :)

  3. fun photos of your kiddos :)
    and that cloud photo is amazing!


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